Archive: January 7th, 2011

Would Mets Bid for Albert Pujols?

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the Cardinals have begun discussing a contract extension with Albert Pujols. Per most reports, Pujols wants to get something done before spring training begins, and if nothing gets done before ST, he prefers not to talk contract at all until after the 2011 season — when he has the opportunity to become a free agent.

Though it appears that the Cards and Pujols will indeed get something done before Valentine’s Day, one never knows — as of this moment, his contract ends at the conclusion of the ’11 season. And if Albert Pujols became a free agent, would the Mets be in the bidding?


Brian Bannister Goes to Japan

According to a tweet by Ken Rosenthal, former Met Brian Bannister is headed to Japan to pitch for the Yomiuri Giants

Have to agree with Ed at MetsFever: huh?

Granted, Bannister is not nearly as awesome as some Mets fans seem to have believed (as Ed astutely points out in his post), but he’s still a decent, low-cost, #5 NL starter under the age of 30 — which in this day and age, is in demand. Hard to believe he had to cross the Pacific to pitch in 2011.

But, maybe this is entirely his decision. Perhaps he has a genuine interest in experiencing Japanese culture, their way of playing baseball, and sees it as an opportunity either to grow as an individual or improve himself for another shot at MLB.