Archive: March 16th, 2011

Mets Governed by Finances

The recent report by Bob Klapisch and Steve Popper that Johan Santana could miss the season was immediately and vehemently dismissed as poppycock by the Mets and Johan himself.

This latest situation is just another example of how desperate the financial situation is for the Mets — to the point where it could result in irresponsible decisions. I get that the team needs to spin the news and make everything positive — they have little choice. But if they actually follow through and push Santana onto the mound in July, it’s likely not because he’s ready and not because it’s best for his recovery — most likely, it’s because it will be best for increasing the team’s revenues.

I wrote more thoroughly on this topic, while also addressing the similar issue of pushing Carlos Beltran onto the field and the contrasting story of keeping Francisco Rodriguez OFF of it, in a column at the ESPN SweetSpot today; feel free to read it and provide your comments, either there or back here.

Mets Ruled by Finances