Archive: April 10th, 2011

Today’s Lineup

Here is today’s lineup:

Jose Reyes-SS,
Willie Harris-LF
David Wright-3B
Ike Davis-1B
Angel Pagan-CF
Lucas Duda-RF
Brad Emaus-2B
Josh Thole-C
Chris Young-P

No great surprises here. Carlos Beltran gets a day off as per his recommended dosage of one day of rest per every three days of baseball activities. Shame, since he’s swinging such a hot bat, but he’ll hardly be missed with Willie Harris and Lucas Duda in the lineup.

In all seriousness, Duda needs to get that bat going. Jason Bay is taking live BP in Port St. Lucie but there’s still no timetable for his return. When Willie Harris made the club it was a nice story and it’s great to have his energy and enthusiasm around, but if he’s going to make 3-4 starts a week the Mets are in trouble; he’s 3 for his last 14, by the way, so his hot start to the season is cooling quickly.


Manny Retirement Underscores Hypocrisy

NOTE: this is an article by Matt Himelfarb. It is entirely his opinion on the situation, and not necessarily one I (Joe Janish) agree with — but, it’s a free country and we like to share all viewpoints here for discussion and debate. That said, direct your comments to Matt.

As most you are probably aware, the baseball universe is awash with news that Manny Ramirez has opted to retire following a second positive performance-enhancing drug test instead of facing an 100 game suspension.The news marks and ignominious end to an otherwise illustrious career.

As a 16 year-old who grew up watching Manny dominate in Boston, and later during a short stint with the Dodgers, I am shocked, and deeply saddened by this tragic news.

Not because I care that Ramirez, ZOMG, might have used performance enhancers. Again, mind equals blown. Nope. The real tragedy is


Blind Faith and False Hope

NOTE: this is a post by Matt Himelfarb

I went via the Long Island railroad to the Mets’ home opener, and man, the dickey was wild (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So, after a three-game winning streak sent Metropolitan fans into a giddy frenzy like Bartolo Colon at Cheesecake Factory, the Mets