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Bobby Parnell Injured?

After the Mets – Astros game, manager Terry Collins mentioned in the postgame that Bobby Parnell is “feeling some discomfort”. Where, when and why we have no idea, though we do know Hu.

Hopefully we’ll have more info soon. This is NOT good news for a Mets pitching staff that is already decimated by injuries and ineffectiveness.

*** UPDATE ***

According to, Parnell has numbness in his middle finger and having difficulty gripping the baseball. What does this mean? I’m really not sure, but I imagine it’s something that could be a warning sign for an elbow issue. Glad to hear that he spoke up and is going to get this checked out.


Tonight’s Mets Lineup vs. Astros

Tonight’s Mets lineup vs. Astros lefthander Wandy Rodriguez:

Jose Reyes – SS
Josh Thole – C
David Wright – 3B
Carlos Beltran – RF
Ike Davis – 1B
Angel Pagan – CF
Willie Harris – LF
Justin Turner – 2B
Jonathon Niese – P

Thole back in the two-hole, which is nice to see. And there is the newest Met Justin Turner hitting ahead of the pitcher. If the men in between Thole and Turner can do something, the Mets should find themselves on the winning end of the final score. Game time is 7:10 PM, SNY has the TV broadcast.


A Puncher’s Chance

NOTE: this is a post by Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets, a blog I’ve enjoyed thoroughly for its personal touch and candidness since 2005. Mike’s writing style and perspective is decidedly different from mine, which I hope you find to be an enjoyable change of pace (gotta mix things up once in a while, right?). Please direct your comments to him — and be nice, as I’d like him to write here again. Thanks – Joe

Since coming a whisker short of making it to the World Series in 2006, the Mets have had a way of failing to meet expectations. They collapsed historically in 2007, and then the bullpen imploded the following year. The 2009 season was lost to injuries, while last year’s campaign featured a maddeningly slow fade to irrelevance.

Losing has consequences. The fan base eroded as the casual and trend-following fans drifted away. Among the diehards who stayed,