Archive: April 21st, 2011

Tonight’s Mets Lineup vs. Astros

Tonight’s Mets Lineup vs. the Astros

Jose Reyes – ss
Angel Pagan – cf
David Wright – 3b
Carlos Beltran – rf
Jason Bay – lf
Ike Davis – 1b
Justin Turner – 2b
Mike Nickeas – c
Chris Capuano – p

Angel Pagan finally in the two-hole, and hey! it’s Jason Bay!


The Greatest Conspiracy Ever

Normally we don’t link to Yankee blogs.

But in this case, we must.

Read Ryan Tandy’s latest conspiracy theory post on Bronx Brass Tax.

It will explain why the Mets are playing in a stadium that looks like Ebbetts Field.

And even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, this one has all the pieces in place — particularly when you consider the shell game Bud Selig played with the Expos, Red Sox, and Marlins a few years ago.