Archive: June 2nd, 2011

Who Would You Weed Out?

Last night during the postgame show on SNY, Bob Ojeda had a passionate reaction to Mets manager Terry Collins’ press conference. Ojeda suggested that there are players on the current Mets team who are not as intensely concerned with winning as they should be.

Here is the direct quote from Ojeda:

“… I better start looking at the end of the day, did we win or did we lose? And they have some guys in there who think like that. They have some guys in there, who, it’s about the scoreboard. But they have some who, it’s about, “my job” It’s about “I did my job, and I’m gonna go home, and it’s the end of the day.” Those are the ones they gotta weed out — if they’re gonna move this club, if they’re gonna change the culture, they’ve gotta start weeding them out.

Do you agree with Ojeda, that there are players who don’t care enough about winning? If so, what specific players do you think Ojeda is talking about?

I eagerly anticipate your thoughts in the comments.