Archive: June 9th, 2011

Who’s Next for Mets Bullpen?

The Mets bullpen now is 28th out of 30 in MLB in ERA (4.48), 28th in batting average against (.264), 27th in OPS allowed (.748), and 26th in WHIP (1.47). They do, however, lead all of MLB in one category: stolen bases allowed (25).

Clearly, some changes need to be made in terms of personnel. But who can the Mets acquire or promote?


Mets Minor League Update: Buffalo Bisons Starting Pitcher Chris Schwinden

NOTE: this is a post by another new contributor to MetsToday, Josh Burton. You may remember Josh filled in for me a few weeks back while I was traveling. — Joe

If the Mets and their new administration want to succeed in the the future, they will have to build the team through the draft and consequently, the minor leagues.  In each post, I will highlight one up-and-coming player in the Mets farm system at each level that might have a part in the rebuilding of our beloved Amazin’s.

Chris Schwinden

Chris Schwinden, starting pitcher for the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate Buffalo Bisons, has definitely not reached AAA the conventional way. Schwinden was