Archive: July 12th, 2011

Who Will the Mets Shop This Month?

Through the first 91 games of the season, Mets are one game over .500, 11 games behind the NL East-leading Phillies, and 7.5 games behind in the Wild Card standings. From a positive perspective, the team is 9 games over .500 since April 21. That’s a nice pace, but unfortunately the Phillies are currently 23 games over .500, and the Braves 16 games over. Not to mention, the Washington Nationals are right on their heels at 46-46, and the Marlins are only three games behind the Mets. In other words, the Mets are closer to the bottom than the top.

That said, and considering the team’s financial problems, and their need to rebuild for the long-term, it’s all but certain that a fire sale is coming — even the players know it (hat tips to MetsToday loyal readers Walnutz and Mic for the link). What players are likely “on the block”? Here’s a list of possibilities: