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Blog Roundup: Back to Baseball Edition

The All-Star Break is over, K-Rod is a Brewer, and the Mets get back to work tonight against the Phillies.  The next two weeks will be crucial for the Mets as they decide whether to buy, sell, or stand pat before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

Now let’s take a spin around the blogosphere:

  • ESPN’s Adam Rubin reports that K-Rod’s 10-team no trade list was never filed to the Mets’ front office. 
  • Midwestropolitan took a well-earned day off on Thursday – just like the Mets.
  • Patrick Flood has doubts about Bobby Parnell’s ability to close.  Remember Bobby, coffee is for closers only!
  • Amazin’ Avenue celebrates the one-year anniversary of the “Blame Beltran” movement.
  • Metsmerized tries to temper some bad news about Ike Davis with good news about this weekend’s pitching matchups.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing remembers a classic Subway Series game from 1999.
  • Real Dirty Mets urges Mets fans not to become Phillies fans this weekend. 
  • MLB Trade Rumors has updates on the trade market in the NL East, including Carlos Beltran news.
  • Mets360 gets extra points for comparing the Mets’ second half to a line from the most underrated Billy Joel song of all time.

And for all the latest Mets news,  “stay tuned” to Mets Today.


PTBNLs from the Brewers

NOTE: This is a post by new MetsToday contributor Dan Capwell. Please direct your comments to him. -Joe

The last time the Mets traded an overpriced closer to a contending team for 2 PTBNL, they ended up getting Chris Carter and Eddie Lora from Boston for Billy Wagner. That deal failed on several levels, which is another blog post in itself. Suffice to say however that the K-Rod to Milwaukee deal stirred those memories and evoked thoughts of “here we go again” among many of the Met faithful.

Then Sandy Alderson ended an interview the WFAN’s Joe and Evan with a cryptic comment that one of the two PTBNLs had already been successful at the major league level but was currently back in Milwaukee’s farm system. So, who might this player be? Well, a quick glance at the roster of the Nashville Sounds (The Brewer’s AAA team) provides several names that might fit the description:


Why Carlos Beltran Will Get Traded

MetsToday commenter “hart” had this to say in regard to the Carlos Beltran situation:

Surprised how many people seem to be buying into the possibility that Alderson might keep Beltran for a playoff push, whereas it seems pretty clear to me that it’s pure posturing on his part. Ideally, he’ll play several suitors off against each other and enhance what we get in return. I hope it gets done soon, rather than risk some sort of setback.

I have to agree. Sandy Alderson