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Blog Roundup: Spoiler Edition

On Thursday, the Mets did to the Cardinals what losing teams did to the Mets in 2007 and 2008: played spoiler.  And in dramatic fashion, putting up a 6-spot in the top of the ninth.  Bobby Parnell pitched a 1-2-3 bottom half to earn the save.  It’s nice to see that this team doesn’t roll over, even in the last week of the season.

The Blogs don’t roll over either:

  • Tedquarters says Thursday’s game is yet another reason why baseball is awesome.
  • Mets Police shares his experience watching a game at Citi Field with Mets Executive VP of Business Operations, Dave Howard.
  • Real Dirty Mets says signing Reyes may not be as desirable as it appears.
  • Metszilla writes about pending decisions to be made about the coaching staff – they’ve been evaluated this year in addition to the players.
  • Mets Fever wonders about one of those coaches in particular.
  • Amazin’ Avenue examines David Wright’s struggles hitting fastballs.

But Mets Today has a compact, powerful swing, and has no trouble handling fastballs.


Mets Game 156: Win Over Cardinals

Mets 8 Cardinals 6

It took 156 games, but finally, the Mets accomplished THE MOST UNLIKELY VICTORY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! (So said Gary Cohen.)

I would not want to be in the home-team clubhouse with Tony LaRussa after this ballgame. I might prefer Chinese water torture, or peeling off my fingernails with a pair of pliers.

But, the St. Louis fans were very pleased with the effort that their boys put out.