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Mets Game 161: Loss to Reds

Reds 5 Mets 4

Strange … nowhere in the Mets media guide, nor in the scorebook, nor on the website does it say “September 27: Jose Reyes Day”. Yet clearly, this was his day.

Yet it wasn’t, because the Mets lost. Which was remarkable, considering that Reds manager Dusty Baker didn’t care much about the game, his players didn’t care much about putting forth any effort, and Cincinnati closer Francisco Cordero looked like he’d rather be sunbathing on a Caribbean beach with an umbrella drink by his side. A completely unsatisfying outcome for a baseball fan.


Should Mets Pitchers Protect David Wright?

Over the last few weeks I noticed opposing pitchers throwing pitches up and in to David Wright. To me it appears as though a purposeful strategy, based on scouting reports that perceive Wright to still have the Matt Cain beaning in the back of his mind. I thought maybe it was just me being my old-school self, but it seems there are others who are seeing things similarly. This is from a participant at the MetsToday Facebook page:

They are throwing up and in on Wright. And the next time a Mets pitcher retaliates by throwing up and in on an opponent’s 3/4 hitter will be the first. That, as much as anything else, ticks me off about this team.

And then there is this from the comments section:

People bust the Mets in hard all the time, and no Met pitcher other than Gee seems to do the same- If I am one of the Mets hitters, I would not be happy.

What do you think? Is David still affected by that beaning? Are opposing pitchers purposely taking advantage of that, if indeed it’s true? And further, should Mets pitchers be retaliating, to protect Wright?

Please post your feelings in the comments.


Nationals Clinch Third Place

It’s not as dramatic as clinching first place or a playoff spot, but in the world of the Mets fan, where meaningless games in September are our entertainment, little things like the once-lowly Nationals finish ahead of our favorites from Flushing are important to us.

And it’s official: by rallying in the late innings for a come-from-behind victory over the Florida Marlins, the Washington Nationals won their 79th ballgame — which clinches their third-place position in the NL East.

The Nats still have three games to play to the Mets’ two. The Nats’ record is currently 79-80, while the Mets’ is 76-84. So if the Nats lose all three of their final games, and the Mets win both of theirs, the Mets will finish 78-84 — one game behind the 79-83 Nationals.

How does this make you feel, as a Mets fan? Do you care? Do you think this step forward by the Nats is an indication of what’s to come in the near future, or is it just a fluke?

Post your thoughts in the comments section.