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Mets Game 26: Loss to Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks 5 Mets 4

Both starting pitchers did well, save for one bad inning. In the end, it was relief pitching and defense that made the difference in the ballgame. On this particular night, strong defense and relief pitching by the D’Backs overtook shoddy defense and poor relieving by the Mets.


Blog Roundup: Thin Rotation Edition

The Houston Astros polished off a sweep of the Mets by Schmacking Chris Schwinden, and accosting Manny Acosta.  The starting rotation is now very much in doubt now that Mike Pelfrey is out for the year (There’s a switch – he’s usually the reason the rotation is in doubt).  And Acosta, Francisco, Ramirez, and Batista haven’t done anything to give a Mets fan confidence in the bullpen either.  But, wins cure everything (including the flu?), and the Mets look to get well with some home cooking this weekend.

Let’s see what the Blogs are cooking up:

  • MLB Trade Rumors examines what options the Mets have to fill their injured roster.  (Hint: not many)
  • MMO reports that Zach Wheeler is on the AA 7 day DL with a torn fingernail.  He had been pitching to a cool 1.75 ERA before he got hurt.
  • Real Dirty thinks a more effective breaking ball would cure what ails Schwinden.
  • Mets Police has a picture of R.A. Dickey playing wiffle ball.  Wonder what a wiffle knuckler would look like?
  • WFAN says the Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson ball is up for auction in Dallas.  Rumor has it J.R. wants to add it to his collection.
  • Amazin’ Avenue breaks out the arrows for its perform-o-meter.

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