Archive: November 7th, 2012

Happy Bays Are Here Again

Jason Bay is moving on.

The Mets and Jason Bay have agreed to part ways.

“Jason has a tremendous work ethic. There was never any question about it,” Sandy Alderson said in a statement.  “Unfortunately, the results weren’t there and we are in a results-oriented business.  We thank Jason for his efforts and wish him well.”

Of course, the Mets will have to pay Bay’s full 2013 salary, but this is the right move.  Time to make room for the future on the field, even if room is not cleared on the ledger.


Re-engineering the Mets

While researching one thing or another, I happened upon a fantastic piece of history penned by Alan Schwarz in New York Magazine titled “Re-engineering the Mets.” It was published, I think, at some point prior to the 2004 season. Schwarz outlines several moves the Mets could make that would position them for a 2006 postseason appearance. Interestingly, much of the plan was focused on shedding payroll, getting out from under long-term, expensive contract, and focusing on homegrown talent — young arms in particular. Sound familiar?

It’s as if history never repeats itself, or something. Maybe the future we hope for never happens? I’m not sure. Just go here to read the story, then come back here an comment. The tone and thought process is so eerily familiar, it makes you wonder if the Mets will ever find their way to the light at the end of this long and winding tunnel.