Archive: December 5th, 2012

Nats Sign Dan Haren and Other News

The Washington Nationals have agreed to terms with Dan Haren for one year and $13M. Haren described his decision thusly:

“The deciding factor in coming to Washington was winning,” Haren said in an e-mail. “I don’t think there’s a team better positioned to win now. It really was an easy decision for me, actually. It didn’t take me long to decide that playing for the Nationals made sense.”

Well, yeah, and maybe the fact the Nationals offered about $5M more than anyone else played a tiny role as well. Just sayin’.

Good decision by the Nationals?



Dear Sandy Alderson:

Hello from Pennsylvania. How is the weather down in Nashville? You are there right? If you are, how about y’know, maybe getting the Mets some new players?

You need at least two outfielders, another catcher and a guy or two who can come off the bench in a pinch. I think that you might need some bullpen arms as well. If you need any help with who to trade for, spend a little time on this blog, there are lots of good ideas here.

Please Mr. Alderson, don’t start with the usual line about it being only December. This is your third December and each year your team has gotten worse. We were told that that bad old Mr. Minaya was the problem and that you and and your two smart friends would have us moving in the right direction by now.

The only thing moving is that ticket order form you sent me. It’s going through my shredder right now.

Tell Jeff I said “Hi.”