Archive: August 22nd, 2013

Mets Sign Daisuke Matsuzaka

The Mets have signed Daisuke Matsuzaka and announced he will start on Friday against the Tigers. Greg Burke will be sent down to AAA to make room for Dice-K on the roster.

See ESPN-NY for some facts and figures for Dice-K.

The deal makes good sense to me. The Mets have absolutely no one to fill the starts and innings that soon will be available when Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey are shut down — not to mention the hole opened up with Jeremy Hefner going on the DL.

Though, there is a shred of me that recalls Hideo Nomo, Pete Harnisch, and/or Freddy Garcia … and wondering if Dice-K will crap the bed while in Flushing, then move on to reinvent himself somewhere else.