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Will the Mets Win 75 Games in 2014?

It’s still early in the offseason, and the Mets may yet add more pieces to the puzzle.

But, with the way the team stands now, how many wins do you think it can accumulate in the 2014 season?

Inspired by loyal MetsToday reader and commenter “argonbunnies“:

There’s a call for W-L predictions upthread. I can never resist those, so here’s mine. As currently constructed, I think the 2014 Mets are set up for a 3rd straight 74-win season.

Granderson + Colon + Young are unlikely to make up for the loss of what Harvey and Byrd gave us in 2013, plus Gee and Wright might not be quite as good. Hawkins also had a very good year that will take some luck or some money (far more than the $2.5 mil the Rockies gave him) to replace.

The Mets’ best hope for improvement lies in the growth of their own young players. If d’Arnaud and Flores can hit the way scouts thought they would, and Lagares can hit the way he’s hit in other leagues, and Wheeler can find his filthy stuff without shredding his shoulder, then these Mets can crack .500. I’ll take the under on everything breaking the Mets’ way, but I’d guess someone will improve enough to offset the losses elsewhere and bring us back to 74 wins.

Add a SS, a bunch of good relievers, and good luck with the youngsters, and .500 should be achievable, with wild card contention a possibility. So we’ll see what the rest of the winter brings.

Make your prediction based on the current roster, and any comments on what kinds of additions will result in how many more wins.

Mets Item of the Day

For the tree, a Kurt Adler MetsToday Mr. Met Mascot Ornament

I know, I’ve posted this one before — but you didn’t buy it, did you? And it would look great hanging from the branch of a blue spruce or douglas fir, I’m sure of it.