Archive: January 6th, 2015

Cliff Floyd Not Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

Cliff Floyd was not elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

Floyd earned 0 votes, therefore 0.0 percent of the votes. To get in the Hall of Fame, a candidate must appear on 75 percent of the 571 ballots from the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA).

He fell 429 votes shy.

Tony Clark‘s percentage was also equal to John Blutarsky’s grade point average.

Other former Mets to fall short included Carlos Delgado, Gary Sheffield, Jeff Kent, and Mike Piazza. Hard to believe that Delgado, whose career slugging percentage of .546 was fourth-highest among all players on the ballot, received only 21 votes, and therefore — along with Floyd and Clark — removed from future ballots. I didn’t think Delgado would be voted a “Hall of Famer,” but I did think he’d get enough votes to qualify for next year’s ballot. Oh well. Piazza, Kent, and Sheffield are all still eligible to appear on the next ballot.

Meanwhile, former Met Pedro Martinez DID get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Apparently those “Vote for Pedro” T-shirts were a good idea. Or maybe it was this dance supporting his candidacy that sealed it: