Archive: February 5th, 2015

Where Dillon Gee Will Be

Loyal MetsToday reader and commenter “David” posed this question in the comments recently:

Ok Joe, Super Bowl is over and Spring Training is on the horizon so I was wondering what your views are about Dillon Gee going to the bullpen. A lot has been written about Sandy not dealing him.

Could it be Sandy believes Gee will either start while Harvey rehabs April / May in Fla. or, alternatively, Gee can be an asset in the �pen?

I reckon he could be as asset in the pen, although the Mets don�t pay $5m to middle relievers / swing men. Still, why not do it with Gee as he is a good pitcher. Not great, but sound and a heady ballplayer as well. I would be confident seeing him come in with a crisis and having him defuse it. At least until they can deal him mid-season or next offseason.

Finally, if they dump him for nothing then it is another sign of a poorly managed team interested only in saving pennies at the cost of wins and fan support.