Archive: April 6th, 2015

Stock Up, Stock Down: Are Mets Better Off Than A Year Ago?

This is the second annual article on this topic. The first one is here.

Entering Year Five of the Alderson “retool while competing” administration, Mets fans are also entering Year Two of “competing trumps retooling”.

Competing certainly didn’t trump retooling entering 2013, when the Mets traded Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey to the Blue Jays for a top prospect and two talented kids. That’s a move for 2016, or 2015 if everything breaks right, isn’t it? Presumably “sell high” trades of Ike Davis and Jon Niese would follow, and the organization would be stacked for the future. Presumably the mammoth extension given to David Wright two weeks earlier would be budgeted as an indulgence in an expanding payroll, for a franchise icon and gate attraction who would no longer be the team’s best player when it returned to contention in his thirties.

Here the Mets are, though, in 2015, holding onto a creaky Jon Niese, having gotten nothing for Ike Davis, having signed only guys who are getting worse, not better (Granderson, Colon, Cuddyer) – and they’re still playing with a payroll that’s severely limited by what they’re paying an injury-prone, 32-year-old David Wright.