Archive: May 13th, 2015

Punchless Mets are Fading Fast

Over 25 years ago, I purchased my first house, a 2-bedroom row home in Allentown, PA. I was assured that this was a fine investment, one that would pay off handsomely in just a few years. Instead, the post-industrial, socio-economic decline that has plagued many American cities descended upon Allentown and put my investment under water. Unable to sell and unwilling to start a family in this environment, I became a landlord. Instead of hiring a property manager, I did the repairs myself. More accurately, I put off doing the repairs myself until it was no longer advisable to do so!

One of the issues was mold in the bathroom. I thought I could just paint over it, but in a short amount of time, my beautiful new paint faded and was pock marked with the same old mold. Repeated paintings did no good and eventually I had to tear out huge slices of the shower walls and rebuild.

The Mets fast start to the season and their glittering new pitching arms reminds me of that situation. For quite some time (including the second half of last year and the entire offseason), it was very apparent that