Archive: June 24th, 2015

Mets Should’ve Pressed This After Game 20

Many point to the Mets’ 11-game winning streak as the pinnacle of the 2015 season (thus far). I’d argue that the euphoria extended a few days further, to April 27th, when the team was 15-5 and still ten games over .500.

Now, 52 games later, while playing 10 games below .500, the team is 36-36. Has it really been 52 games since the Mets were flat-out dominating the NL East?

Had they known where they’d be right now, and had there been such a thing, I wonder if the Mets would’ve pressed this to stop the season cold:


What about you? Are you looking forward the remainder of the 2015 season, or gazing back at that swiftly fading memory when hope sprung eternal?


Hey Jeff: Fire The Fraud

Hope you had a nice Father’s Day, Jeff. How’s dad? I know it’s hard to think that there are more Father’s Days behind him than in front of him, so cherish each one. I’m frequently sorry that my Dad passed away before my son was born. They would have really liked each other.

Good of you to be running the family business as dad ages. This way he gets to keep his status and has a place for his memories. Considering that you were the guy who introduced him to “Uncle Bernie,” it’s probably the least you could do. Well, you could sell the whole thing, but I am trying to stay realistic here.

Speaking of smooth talkers who have flim-flammed you and dad, I’d like to bring your attention to one currently in your employ who has been taking you and your team for a ride for almost five years now.