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Who are 2016’s Ten Most Important Mets?

To satisfy my cravings for updates to the ongoing saga of the New York Mets, I’ve spent some of the offseason reading projections. While not really news, these projections help me develop an initial framing for the upcoming season. Do the pundits and the computer models agree on what’s likely, or possible, for the 2016 Mets? If not, which positions do I find most credible? As a Mets fan who’s watched nearly every inning over the last few years, are their some players who I feel I can judge more accurately than ESPN writers and FanGraphs charts can?

In the past, this kind of thinking has led me down two paths. Path Number One is where I start thinking through what I expect from one player, and then move on to the next player, and eventually finish the starting lineup and move on to the rotation, and finally feel like I’ve come far enough that I really ought to finish projecting every player on the roster. That’s Path Number One. Path Number Two consists of thinking, “Ack, no, I’m not getting sucked into doing Path Number One again!” and instead doing nothing at all.

Well, with 2016 baseball about to begin, now’s a good time for new year’s resolutions, right? This year, I plan to pursue a middle ground. I will project the ten most important Mets only.

So, MetsToday readers, can you help me out with that? Who are 2016’s ten most important Mets?

My List

Here’s my provisional list. For each guy, I’ve written a note about why he’s ranked where he is.