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Alderson: 2012 Closer Not A Met Yet

In case you missed it, Sandy Alderson appeared with Ron and Gary during the top of the third inning in last night’s Mets-Cardinals game. The Mets cooperated, scoring three runs, giving Alderson the time to respond from some frank questioning from Cohen.

Alderson admitted that the 2012 closer may not yet be in the organization and that the team will not use next Spring Training to decide on who gets the role. He blamed the recent dreadful homestand on the numerous blown save opportunities by the bullpen. Alderson also dwelled on the concept that this as-yet-undetermined closer may currently be a minor league pitcher on the verge of a breakthrough.

Alderson spoke highly of both Ruben Tejada and Dan Murphy, noting the Mets slide from contention began when Murphy was lost for the year. He praised Jason Bay‘s determination to work himself back to past performance and indicated that the starting rotation, plus Johan Santana will be much the same as this year. He also said that his staff will recommend changes to the dimension of Citi Field.


Shades of 1962

The Mets have started the 2011 season one game ahead of the 1962 club that finished 40-120. They are failing on the mound, in the field, at bat, and on the basepaths — at times, humorously so. During last night’s SNY broadcast, announcer Gary Cohen exclaimed,

“This team, right now, cannot do anything right.”

Or, as the Old Perfessor once asked: