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Blog Roundup: Thin Rotation Edition

The Houston Astros polished off a sweep of the Mets by Schmacking Chris Schwinden, and accosting Manny Acosta.  The starting rotation is now very much in doubt now that Mike Pelfrey is out for the year (There’s a switch – he’s usually the reason the rotation is in doubt).  And Acosta, Francisco, Ramirez, and Batista haven’t done anything to give a Mets fan confidence in the bullpen either.  But, wins cure everything (including the flu?), and the Mets look to get well with some home cooking this weekend.

Let’s see what the Blogs are cooking up:

  • MLB Trade Rumors examines what options the Mets have to fill their injured roster.  (Hint: not many)
  • MMO reports that Zach Wheeler is on the AA 7 day DL with a torn fingernail.  He had been pitching to a cool 1.75 ERA before he got hurt.
  • Real Dirty thinks a more effective breaking ball would cure what ails Schwinden.
  • Mets Police has a picture of R.A. Dickey playing wiffle ball.  Wonder what a wiffle knuckler would look like?
  • WFAN says the Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson ball is up for auction in Dallas.  Rumor has it J.R. wants to add it to his collection.
  • Amazin’ Avenue breaks out the arrows for its perform-o-meter.

Keep your arrow pointed right here on Mets Today for the latest happenings in Metsville.


Blog Roundup: Optimism in Metsville

Following a rough offseason and uninspiring Pre-Season, the Mets are off to a surprising 4-0 start.  Too early to clear your October schedule?  Yes.  Too early to feel good about your favorite ballclub?  No.  With all the darkness that has shrouded this team for the past few year, it’s unusual to allow oneself to enjoy the team’s success.  Most fans are living in the moment, and savoring winning baseball, for however long it lasts.

Yo Blogs:

  • Bleacher Report wonders if the Mets can keep up their winning ways, and learns something about the team’s character.
  • Mets 360 examines Mike Pelfrey‘s gutsy start on Monday night.
  • Rant Sports mentions the Mets will try to go 5-0 for the first time since 1985.
  • Faith and Fear is reminded how much fun baseball can be.
  • Metstradamus thinks this is all some beautiful, waking dream.
  • Hot Foot remembers what it is like to believe (Right, Tug?)

Enjoy the ride while it lasts, and keep checking out Mets Today.


Arbitration Recap

The Mets avoided arbitration with all four of their arbitration-eligible players today, signing each to a 1-year contract.

  • RHP Manny Acosta signed for $875,000.  He figures to be in the Mets bullpen when Opening Day comes around.
  • RHP Mike Pelfrey signed for $5.675MM, roughly the amount most experts expected he would win in arbitration.  For better or worse, Pelfrey will be in the starting rotation because he can rack up innings.
  • RHP Ramon Ramirez signed a 2.65MM deal.  The key piece of the Angel Pagan trade will be the Mets’ seventh or eighth inning arm.
  • OF Andres Torres, the other part of the Pagan deal, agrees to a $2.7MM contract.  Will he be 2010 Torres or 2011 Torres?  Either way, to paraphrase Casey Stengel, you need a center fielder, because without one, there would be a lot of inside-the-park home runs.

The Mets haven’t gone to arbitration with any player since Oliver Perez (*shudder*) was awarded $6.5MM in 2008.  Before then, they hadn’t gone to arbitration since 1992, when David Cone was awarded $4.25MM.  He was traded that season to the Blue Jays for Jeff Kent and Ryan Thompson.


Public Service Announcement: The Truth about Superstitions

Do you find yourself making decisions in your life based upon the next Mets game? Not just clearing your schedule to watch all nine innings, but changing things to conform to your ideas about your own role in the action? Do you attach an unnecessary importance to completely unrelated and simple options such as picking what chair to sit in or when to look away from the TV?

You have to face the fact that