Blog Roundup: Now with 40% More Title

Pitchers and catchers will begin to seep into Port St. Lucie in about a month, and with not much hope left in an already gloomy offseason, perhaps getting around to the business of playing ball is just what the psychiatrist ordered.

The Blogs begin to look ahead:

  • Always Amazin’ thinks the lower payroll in 2012 could turn out to be the trend.
  • Real Dirty Mets asks: which Mets alumnus or alumni would you like to see at Citi Field during the team’s 50th anniversary celebrations? (Sorry, this is for retired players – Jose Reyes doesn’t count)
  • Optimistic Mets Fan wonders what smaller changes may be in store for Citi Field in 2012.
  • Daily Stache looks at what must go right for this season to be a success. ¬†Hint: It’s a lot.
  • Metsmerized says former highly-ranked-prospect-for-some-reason Wilmer Flores is being phased out of shortstop.
  • Mets Fever wonders if the Mets will grock another LOOGY.

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  1. Joe January 17, 2012 at 10:47 am
    The last entry raises a few questions. (1) Is it really logical to retain Parnell with the new pick-ups and/or can they get something for him? (2) with the apparently crowded pen (not saying crowded with stars or anything) in particular, is Beato going to be seen as a potential starter? The team needs some back-up options other than Batista and Schwinden and he seems like a potential guy there.