Johan Santana Teams Up with Mets for Tuesday’s Children

Johan Santana might have thrown a shutout against the Padres, but he made his best pitch to help those affected by 9/11/01. The Johan Santana Foundation and The Mets Foundation teamed up by donating $20,000 to Tuesday’s Children.

Tuesday’s Children announced a new effort to help Spanish-speaking families of the 9/11 community. They strike to help the families who lost loved ones in the attacks or had members that were first responders.

Terry Sears, executive director of Tuesday’s Children, was extremely thankful. “Thanks to the generosity of Johan Santana and the unwavering support of the New York Mets, Tuesday’s Children will be able to strengthen outreach to Spanish-speaking family members and first responders.”

“We are deeply indebted to Johan, the New York Mets and the Wilpon family for their continuing commitment to our families.”

Santana is known for focusing his charity efforts in his hometown of Venezuela. “It was important to do something here in New York and the community, especially for the Spanish community,” said Santana. “It is very important and it’s a pleasure.”

New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon was on hand for event, congratulating Santana for his generosity.

Tuesday’s Children is a non-profit family service organization that aims to help those impacted by the events of Steptember 11, 2001. For more information, visit and

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