Mets Game 154: Loss to Pirates

Pirates 10 Mets 6

Just think, if this were 1960, this miserable season would be over. Then again, if this were 1960, the Mets wouldn’t exist. Hmm …

Mets Game Notes

The Mets put up a little rally late to keep things interesting, but the Bucs just kept scoring, and scoring, and scoring some more, soundly answering each of the Mets’ efforts.

Yet another awful outing for Collin McHugh. Sad to see, because he seems like a really, really good guy — the kind of guy you want to root for. Unfortunately, he has some issues that need to be corrected, and some skills that need to be improved, in order for him to be something other than fodder for hungry MLB hitters. This is the big leagues, and no one expects it to be easy.

Horace Mann alum Pedro Alvarez is a cat at the hot corner, and has the skill set to win a Gold Glove at 3B if he can ever harness his aggressiveness. Oh, he can hit pretty well, too. I can see him evolving into an Aramis Ramirez type of player.

Speaking of Gold Gloves, I’d have to think Andrew McCutchen has a good shot at getting one this year. What a stark contrast, seeing ‘cutch and Andres Torres in the same game.

During the telecast, Sandy Alderson spent an inning talking shop with Gary and Ron. One of the things he said was that he still believed that holding on to Jose Reyes was the right decision (rather than trade him at the deadline for prospects), because he felt there was a possibility of re-signing him. Really? That’s just shameful, especially when you consider that the Mets never even made an offer to their superstar shortstop. The Mets had as much a chance of signing Albert Pujols last winter, or bringing Ted Williams out of his cryogenic slumber.

When did Jordany Valdespin start wearing his cap slightly askew? I just noticed it in this game, and, for the record, I’m not a fan of the style. Nor any “styling,” for that matter. Know your place, rook!

I’ve always found it funny that Wandy Rodriguez is a switch-hitter. Kind of irrelevant when one has a .150 career batting average. Mickey Lolich — he of the .110 AVG — was funny in that way, too.

If the Mets win their final 8, and the Phillies lose all of theirs, the two teams will finish in a tie for third place in the NL East. Fingers crossed!

Next Mets Game

Game three will be played at 7:10 p.m. on Wednesday evening. Jeremy Hefner goes to the hill against Jeff Locke. Should be a pitchers’ duel.

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  1. Mike B September 26, 2012 at 8:16 am
    I was actually one of the 5200 people at this game, my favorite part was when turner was called out for turning into fair territory. I will give him a pass being it was just about the third thing they teach you in little league baseball.
  2. Dan B September 26, 2012 at 9:06 am
    Just once, I want Sandy to show up in the booth drinking a beer and then blabber out the obvious. “Of course it was stupid, Gary. I should of traded Reyes, Izzy, Capuano, and anyone else I could give away. But friggin Wilpons needed revenue and they wouldnt let me. They are so stupid, they think it matters to fans whether we are in third or fourth place. You know what they call a third place team? Losers! Now I have to sell Lucas Duda and Collin McHugh to the NY market as great young hopefuls worthy of your time and money. Boy, Selig owes me big time for this crap. Hey Keith, when are you gonna invite me to the Hamptons?”
    • DaveSchneck September 26, 2012 at 9:57 am
      I couldn’t agree more, but I guess most if not all of us would be doing the same for that $3 mil salary. While Alderson’s pedigree is clearly better, as is his command of the English language, the bottom line is that he is spouting the same b&lls%#t that Jeffy W. has for the last 6 years. We’ll see what product they field next April 1, but how could anyone spend one penny on re-upping ticket plans this fall with the type of foggy, elusive, politic-speak coming from the GM? I won’t be spending a cent unless he puts a distinct price on the payroll, which will indicate whether they will get a FA or trade for an established player to fill one of the gaping holes. Otherwise, call us back in 2015 and draw 750K at home the next two years. I’ll get my recaps from Joe J., thank you.
  3. Dave September 26, 2012 at 9:35 am
    If that’s why they kept Reyes then that’s a terrible decision. I always figured since he re-injured his hamstring right before the trade deadline it torpedoed his trade value. You have to believe that Mets fans would not accept anything less than Zack Wheeler for Reyes, and probably want a lot more for a home-grown, under 30, star shortstop.

    Also it is worth noting that both Fangraphs and Baseball Reference have McCutchen rated as one of the worst fielding center fielders in baseball, which is one of the times that the stats just do not add up to what we see with our eyes.

    • MikeT September 26, 2012 at 12:19 pm
      Dave, what are you doing reading this blog? You’re too level headed to be here. You’re right though, that’s why he was not traded. But in the minds of NYers and Mets fans trades are just made and you always end up with the next big star, regardless of what you are giving up.

      Crap brings crap, and oft injured Shortstops who were currently on the DL don’t get traded for very much. Hairston would have brought nothing of value, and Reyes would have brought a mid-level prospect at best. Chances are the guy would never have been a big league piece. What is the difference?

      Also, you all realize that Reyes got exactly one offer. FROM THE MARLINS. The same team that immediately sold their entire team off again after spending a ton of money. Why are we comparing our decisions to the obviously awfully run Marlins? Reyes was vastly over compensated by the Marlins and Sandy was not about to overpay for Reyes. If the Marlins started at a reasonable price, Sandy would have made a counter-offer. But then other teams would have gotten involved too. Until ultimately the Marlins would have offered that ridiculous deal anyway and he would have left. What would have been the difference to all of you? That officially on the record Sandy would have made an offer? He still would be a Marlin and the decision to not trade him would still have been the right call considering how little they would have gotten back. Stop complaining about the Reyes trade decision, it is tiresome and pointless.

      • Joe Janish September 26, 2012 at 8:59 pm
        Yeah, those Marlins really have no idea what they’re doing. How many World Series have they won in the last fifteen years, after all? No more than … oh, wait …

        But, no one is comparing the Mets’ decisions to the Marlins. Your assumption of that is a stretch. Your assumption that Sandy would have made a counter-offer if the Marlins’ offer was “reasonable” is absolutely laughable. We know, for sure, that the Mets did not have the financial means to make any kind of legitimate offer to Reyes. Unless you think he was going to sign for two years and $20M – in which case I have a bridge to sell you.

        The idea that Reyes wasn’t going to bring back anything before September 1 last year is ludicrous; there were several teams looking to upgrade at shortstop. Further, Alderson’s answer was not that he didn’t have any offers — his answer was that they MADE THE DECISION NOT TO TRADE REYES. The Wilpons needed to sell as many tix and Reyes jerseys as possible – that’s the bottom line.

        Further, the real issue with Reyes is that the Mets had an ideal opportunity to extend him when his value was at his lowest, during the winter before 2011. But at that point the Wilpons were completely broke — to be completely broke and own a MLB team in NYC is inexcusable; they should have sold the franchise. Instead Bud Selig let them stay on as MLB unofficially took over the club. THAT is the core anger of every angry Mets fan, and the root of all the complaining. It really has little to do with Reyes, and everything to do with Mets fans having to endure the Wilpon Curse.

  4. Joe September 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    “The Mets put up a little rally late to keep things interesting, but the Bucs just kept scoring, and scoring, and scoring some more, soundly answering each of the Mets’ efforts.”

    The Pirates scored a bunch in the first two innings to make it 7-3. They tacked on a run later. The Mets got to 8-6. Then, the Pirates sealed the deal in the 9th. The Mets’ “rally” was to get to 8-6. The Pirates then scored in the 9th.

    I know. Like reviewing a bad movie, who cares? Well, the Mets didn’t give up, their relievers gave up but one run after coming in the 2nd until the 9th inning and this sort of effort is what people complain wasn’t around.

    But, who cares, I know. As to not making an offer to Reyes, I appreciate people with your connections that know what happens behind the scenes during negotiations, including the understanding that some “offer” was on the table, just not enough to get him.

    I also think it is too bad CM did so badly. We are talking a low bar here. Give the team four or so innings against a struggling team. But, again, he blew it real early.

    • Joe Janish September 26, 2012 at 9:05 pm
      Seriously, you’re nitpicking my one-sentence capsule? Check the linescore again. The Pirates score 4, Mets score 3, Pirates score 3 more to answer, no scoring for a few innings, Pirates score again, no scoring for a few, then Mets score 3 late, Pirates score 2 more. Whatever. If pissing matches like this is what the Mets season has come down to, maybe it’s time to pull an Edgin or Harvey and just shut it down. I need to protect my fingertips.