No Offense, Mets Lose in 20

Well, at least this year’s tease only lasted a week. In a season that could end up being historically bad, the Mets played one of their longest games ever Saturday and along the way also set a team record for men left on base.

The team’s struggles, especially on offense, should come as no surprise to anyone that followed their travails this past winter. it was apparent before Spring Training that this year’s Mets would be a bad and boring team, about which much would need to change before they can even think about contending again.

All of Metdom held its collective breath yesterday when Matt Harvey left with a back injury. Matt says it is nothing serious, but I won’t believe that until I see him make his next scheduled start.

Shaun Marcum threw what probably will be the best non-Matt Harvey performance by a Met pitcher this year. His 0-7 record aside, Marcum could help many contenders down the stretch. Maybe a package of Marcum and a few other useful pieces like Brandon Lyon and John Buck could land the Mets a….OK I will stop now.

By the way, Bobby Parnell has looked really good lately. This is what we have been waiting for since his 2008 debut. Parnell’s is a good cautionary tale about how long it takes sometimes (most times?) for young players to mature. After some inconsistent results and a few trips back to AAA, Parnell is showing signs of being a long-term solution at closer. Despite what else happens this year, this is an important revelation for the Mets. Considering the poor ROI on the huge investments they’ve made on the last two closers, an important piece for the future could be in place and at a great price. A few other sites have suggested that Bobby could be on the trading block. Unless Boston offers Bogarts and Bradley or Texas offers Olt and Profar, I would hold on to Parnell.

A Mets fan since 1971, Dan spent many summer nights of his childhood watching the Mets on WOR Channel Nine, which his Allentown, PA cable company carried. Dan was present at Game 7 of the 1986 World Series and the Todd Pratt Walkoff Game in 1999. He is also the proud owner of two Shea Stadium seats. Professionally, Dan is a Marketing Manager in the Bulk Materials Handling industry. He lives in Bethlehem PA with his wife and son, neither of whom fully get his obsession with the Mets.
  1. James June 9, 2013 at 10:23 am
    Love your headline, LOL. I agree on Marcum and the only meaning I could find in yesterday’s affair was to lower Marcum’s era. And could not agree more on Parnell, though I will like to see how he does in more pressure situations. He did ok with the Yankees last week. the mets may not hav e a pressure situation until 2015 however 😉
  2. murph June 9, 2013 at 11:46 am
    classic Mets!
  3. TexasGusCC June 9, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    I think it’s time you wrote an article explaining THE PLAN to your readers. While most of us have been confused for the last seven weeks about the Mets strategy, and some people said that there wasn’t one, they just don’t UNDERSTAND. You see, the Mets are telling us that they have all this money to spend next winter, and I believe them! They are going to sign some big names and they cannot make the same mistake twice!

    Therefore, if some young kid hits a three run homer to win a game in the ninth inning, he sits for the next four games!!! If some other kid starts bunting for base hits and starts building some excitement on the basepaths and maybe hits a few game winning homeruns, he sits til he learns his lesson! Players like Ike Davis see THE PLAN and contribute to it, so we take care of those guys – for as long as we can without a police action brought on by fans. You see Dan, that first round pick MUST BE PROTECTED and there can be no chances taken! That way, when the Mets finally spend money, some measly wins will not interfere with having a secure pick. Once we reasonably secure a protected pick, we will trade for a hitter, hire a real manager, and sign a few helpful players.

    Players like Duda are perfect for THE PLAN, so keep him in there. No rest. Davis: keep him in there. Hudgens: We love you!!

    • Dan Capwell June 9, 2013 at 2:02 pm

      I actually do have a half finished piece on this, I think the plan has very little to do with winning baseball games. It is probably time to finish it.

  4. The King June 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm
    Felt bad for Ankiel. He can’t catch up to the high heater anymore, and his defense was dubious at times. He’s done, he was killing the team, and it was time for him to go. It will be much more entertaining watching Cap’t Kirk whiff in key situations and butcher balls in the OF.

    BTW, here’s my plan. Don’t give any money to the Wilpons until they sell the team or start acting like they want to win. Hit ’em where it hurts, in the wallet, it’s the ONLY thing they understand. See Madoff, Bernard.

  5. Dan B June 10, 2013 at 9:23 am
    I love your plan, King, and I support it. I wonder if Ankiel will try a comeback as a pitcher. That would be a great story.