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The Greatest Conspiracy Ever

Normally we don’t link to Yankee blogs.

But in this case, we must.

Read Ryan Tandy’s latest conspiracy theory post on Bronx Brass Tax.

It will explain why the Mets are playing in a stadium that looks like Ebbetts Field.

And even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, this one has all the pieces in place — particularly when you consider the shell game Bud Selig played with the Expos, Red Sox, and Marlins a few years ago.


Omar Minaya Flies Coach, Gets Heckled

Well, it’s come to this… Omar Minaya was spotted on a JetBlue flight to Chicago. And, of course, he was heckled (via DeadSpin):

So I’m settling into my seat on a VERY inexpensive Jetblue flight to Chicago to see the Mets in Wrigley when I notice the flight attendant having a hard time closing the overhead compartment because of someone’s bag. After she sheepishly looks around for the culprit—he identifies himself. Since everyone was already seated and ready to fly, the apparently inconsiderate passenger was on stage for all to see. It was none other than Omar Minaya himself. What I didn’t say before is that this flight is CRAWLING with Mets fans making the pligramage to Wrigely. At once the plane is abuzz. One young man in 18A shouts out “I woulda traded frenchy three months ago” another says “Better live it up, this is probably your last flight to chicago as GM”. Delighted by the impromptu celebrity roast I chimed in with “I bet they flew Mike Jacobs in business class, at least”. We all laughed in unison—he sat down and put his headphones on, a defeated man.

I can’t wait until news leaks that the Mets are staying in a La Quinta at the airport.


Friday Mets Links

MetsReport – Gabe Aguilar looks at the lack of accountability in the Mets organization.

MetsGazette – Matthe Blaszka wants to give Jerry another year as Mets manager. That’s a joke, right?

The Daily Stache – Taking a cue from Joe’s post on the topic, Ed Vazquez looks at what went wrong and who to blame for yet another failed season.

The Mets Police – Shannon Shark wants Wally Backman to be the next Mets manager. Do you?


Friday Mets Links

ESPN NY – Jeff Wilpon is openly hostile to Omar Minaya in team meetings. This is a pretty big deal, since the team holds conference calls with 2-3 dozen “chefs” in the “kitchen.” That’s gotta be embarrassing.

The Daily Stache – Kevin Kearns asks whether Mets fans should root for the team to lose in order to improve its draft position. No, you root for the Mets to lose in the hopes that the Wilpons sell or, at the very least, Omar is sent packing.

NBC Sports – Josh Alpern thinks the Mets should have a reality show to celebrate their idiocy. Flushing Shore, featuring Mix Master and Jeff-Woww? Amazin! [via MetsPolice]

Brooklyn Met Fan – Looks like BMF is throwing in the towel on the 2010 season.

ESPN NY – A profile of Brooklyn Cyclones outfielder Darrell Ceciliani.


Friday Mets Links: Wally B or Bobby V? – Marty Noble thinks Wally Backman should be the Mets next manager. – Jeff Pearlman thinks the Mets are baseball’s worst franchise and Bobby Valentine should be the next manager.

No more links for today. This is the most important discussion in the Mets-o-sphere for the next 3 months. Both Noble and Pearlman make excellent points and the Mets would be better off with either manager. What do YOU think?


Wednesday Mets Links

Mets Report – Clayton Caldwell wonders why Jerry Manuel seems to be platooning Josh Thole and Ike Davis.

Mets Gazette – Matthew Blaszka counts down the Top 5 Moments that killed the Mets. The birth of Jeff Wilpon is not listed, so I assume this list is for 2011.

MetsMerized Online – Another Mets fan wants to fire Omar Minaya.

The Daily Stache – Ray Maldonado wonders when the Wilpons will win. Hah! Maybe when Jeff Wilpon stops lying about knowing anything about pro baseball?

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper discusses last night’s loss and Johan Santana’s bad luck.

Fire Wayne Hagin Already – Another Hagin-esque Hagin-ism. Definitely worth reading if you like a good, quick laugh.

And here are Ron Darling’s thoughts on Brooklyn Cyclones manager Wally Backman from Playin for Peanuts: