Archive: October 17th, 2007

Needs and Luxuries

One of my favorite baseball sites — MLBTradeRumors — recently covered the Mets in their “Needs and Luxuries” series (hat tip to Micalpalyn and Isuzudude for inspiring this rebuttal).

Take a look at that post and then come back here. I’ll wait …

OK, so nothing earth shattering regarding the “current” Mets lineup — although it’s about 99.9% that Moises Alou will be back and you can plug him into the leftfield spot where Carlos Gomez is currently listed.

Beyond that, here are my opinions:

2B (Ruben Gotay)

I would be incredibly surprised (though equally thrilled) if Gotay is the starting second baseman come spring training. If the second baseman is not Luis Castillo, then I assume that Omar Minaya will look at Mark Loretta, David Eckstein, and Tad Iguchi as possibilities. I also strongly believe that A-Rod’s winter decisions could affect what the Mets do — not saying the Mets will sign A-Rod, but that his decision may create an opportunity to obtain someone else (i.e. Julio Lugo). I don’t think Freddy Sanchez is an option, simply because the Pirates seem to be high on him, and he’s fairly cheap. Though a new GM could have different ideas. Mark Ellis is an interesting possibility, but I think he’d only come East if he were part of a blockbuster that includes Danny Haren or Joe Blanton.


If LoDuca doesn’t come back, then I’m betting the house that either Jorge Posada, Ramon Hernandez, or Miguel Olivo come to the Mets. I doubt Barrett is a consideration, and don’t see the Indians trading Shoppach when they want to transition Victor Martinez to 1B. Gerald Laird would be a nice pickup but I’d be surprised if Minaya went after a “no name” for such an important position on the diamond. That said, Bengie Molina is not out of the question.

Starting Pitching

We’ve been beating this to death. The Mets absolutely must sign a horse. If there’s a trade, I hope it’s Blanton and not Garland. D-Train is intriguing, but likely will cost too much. Nate Robertson is also interesting, if he can be pried away for a reasonable package. We’ve already discussed Schilling.

Relief Pitching

‘Cisco Cordero likely won’t be signed, especially if Milwaukee’s alligator arms reach into their pockets for some dough as has been suspected. We’ve covered Mo. Percival is a guy I was telling Omar to sign back in January, but he wasn’t reading my blog. He could be part of a rebuilding project, but they’d need to get a few more additional arms.


Have to strongly agree that the Mets’ greatest luxury is money, and strongly disagree that the Mets’s second luxury is prospects. The way I see it, Omar could put the future of this organization into a tailspin if he uses up too many of the minor league chips. My guess is there will be ONE major deal over the winter that involves names such as Pelfrey, Humber, Gomez, Milledge, Carp, FMart, Mulvey, etc., and that no more than three major prospects get sent away — they simply don’t have the depth to trade any more.

Final Comments

I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that Milledge is the rightfielder in 2008. Methinks he could be on the West Coast as part of a deal to get a big arm, and the Mets will sign or deal for another short-term corner outfielder. Just a hunch.

Also, although in the past bullpens have been “built on the cheap”, every team in MLB is desperate for relief arms, and that theory no longer applies. The Mets will have to be either incredibly lucky — like they were in the offseason prior to 2006 — or spend a combination of dollars and trading chips to get a few decent arms in the bullpen.