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Omar: No Message for Rudy

If you “get” that headline, then you are at least as old as me and share my eclectic taste in music.

So the breaking news (hat tip to Isuzudude, who probably should be running this blog lately) is that Rudy Jaramillo will not be the Mets hitting coach in 2008.

According to Omar Minaya:

“I love Rudy like a brother, but it would be totally unfair to bring him in after I interviewed him as manager,” Minaya said. “It wouldn’t be fair to HoJo, who did an outstanding job as hitting coach. If you look at the numbers, everything in the second half of the year we were up in.”

On the one hand, I’m very surprised that Omar didn’t jump on Jaramillo. On the other, I’m pleased with Omar’s decision to bring back Howard Johnson, who in my mind did make an impact on the offense (except for Jose Reyes) and did earn the position for 2008. I feel it would have been a slap in the face to usher in Jaramillo and move HoJo to base coach — even third base coach. He did a fine job and who knows — maybe 3-4 years from now people will be talking about HoJo’s skills as a batting coach in the same way they talk about Jaramillo.

The only puzzling thing is this: to my knowledge, Jaramillo is still under contract with the Rangers, and will be until October 31st. So is Minaya allowed to comment on another team’s personnel? Probably not worth arguing, considering that it’s a dead issue.


Coffee Talk: Top Mets Prospects

Mike Myers as Linda RichmanLoyal reader “Isuzudude” has posed a great topic:

All are welcome to answer this question, but in particular I’m looking to get the opinions of those among us who really keep track of this stuff. Discounting anyone who has played in triple-A or with the Mets (i.e. Milledge, Gomez, Humber, etc), who are your top-10 prospects within the Mets organization? When answering, could you also name the current major leaguer that most resembles the type of player you think the prospect will turn out to be?

Thanks in advance, guys (and gals?)

As Linda Richman might say … “discuss!”