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Give Blood, Get Tickets

FYI, the Mets are running their Winter Blood Drive this Thursday (tomorrow, 1/5/2012) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Caesars Club, located in Citi Field.

Per the Mets PR Dept:

Similar to the Coat Drive and Food Drive, fans donating blood will receive a voucher good for one pair of tickets to a select Mets game in April 2012. Fans donating blood will also receive 15% off regularly priced merchandise at the Mets Team Store with Season Ticket Holders getting 20% off (the discount will be valid on Thursday only).

Fans can enter the ballpark via the Hodges VIP entrance with complimentary parking available in Lot G on 126th Street off Roosevelt.

Complete details are here: Mets Blood Drive


Blog Roundup: The New Year

Well, here we are in 2012.  A year that already carries with it a negative connotation.  No, not because of all that end-of-the-world silliness, but because the Mets outlook this season is downright apocalyptic.  Then again, if this edition of Mets do win the World Series, it will definitely be a sign of the end times.  Maybe the Mayans were Mets fans…

Time to Blog in the New Year:

  • Daily Stache accentuates the positive.
  • Amazin’ Avenue eliminates the negative (sort of).
  • Paul’s Random Stuff hopes for some new members of the Mets hall of fame this year.
  • Faith and Fear has some birthday wishes from some Mets’ #49s in honor of Greg’s 49th birthday.
  • Mets Police discovers a McDonald’s collector’s glass.
  • Mets 360 shows off their baseball card of the week – a certain left fielder with a fish hook scar.

Ah, our first blog roundup of the year!  Stay tuned to Mets Today all year long for the latest on your favorite team.



Where Will Prince Reign?

Since there isn’t much to say about the Mets at the moment, how about we open a discussion surrounding Prince Fielder — where do you think he will land, and why?

Further, what kind of impact do you think Fielder will have on the team he finally signs with — and the division in which he winds up playing?

For example, if Prince winds up with the Nationals, I might argue that the Nats have a legitimate shot to make a run for second place in 2012. Similarly, if Fielder signs with San Francisco, the Giants could be considered a favorite to win the NL pennant.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments.