Archive: January 11th, 2012

Who is the Angry Met?

By now you may have seen the “Workplace Confidential” story in New York Magazine titled “The Met Who Blames Everything On the Wilpons.”

Supposedly, the person who penned this piece is either a current or former employee of the Mets. Most believe it is most likely a former player — certainly, it sounds like a disgruntled one.

If it is a former Met player, who might it be? One of the oldtimers, such as Ed Kranepool or Art Shamsky? Might it be someone from the ’86 Mets, who was recently let go — like Howard Johnson? Could it possibly be someone still associated with the Mets, such as Keith Hernandez or Bobby Ojeda? Could it be a current player?

While most are assuming it is a player, there’s every possibility it’s a former front office executive, a scout, an employee from the ticket department, or a peanut vendor — there’s nothing in the article I can see that makes me think it absolutely must be a player — current or former. Heck, it could be Mr. Met himself.

What do you think? Is it a player or a peanut vendor? Current or former? Post your thoughts in the comments.


Mike Piazza, Winemaker

Next year, Mike Piazza‘s name goes on the Hall of Fame ballot. Whether he gets in or not is beyond his control — and judging by the lack of love for Jeff Bagwell, Rafael Palmeiro, and other sluggers from the PEDs era, it may not be a slam-dunk that Mike gets in.

However, Mike has another dream beyond the Hall of Fame, and he doesn’t have to rely on other people to make it happen — to be a winemaker. Mike sat down with Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal to discuss his love for wine and secret fantasy to one day make his own. That would be interesting, especially since Tom Seaver already has his own vineyard, and Rusty Staub used to make his own wine as well — how many other MLB teams have former players who make wine?

What does this have to do with the 2012 Mets? Nothing, just trying to lighten the mood …