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26 Years Ago Today…


When it comes to the Mets, I’m not usually one to dwell on the past.  Especially the 1986 season.  The fact that it’s been so long since the Mets’ last championship is becoming less of a fond memory, and more of an embarrassment with each passing year.

That said, it’s a milestone worth acknowledging.  It is, after all, the one (and still only, to this date) time that my brother and I ever hugged.

Happy 26th anniversary, 1986 Mets.  I hope we get to see one of these celebrations again soon – at least sometime within the next 26 years.



Blog Roundup: Done with Mirrors

The lonely, baseball-less days of winter are nearly over (in a baseball sense, anyway).  Soon the Boys of Summer will take to the fields of Florida and Arizona in preparation for the latest season of the greatest game on Earth.  Until then, enjoy some more offseason hand-wringing, and a couple of awesome videos.

Blogs aweigh:

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This is 1982

Alderson, DePodesta, and Ricciardi will try to match this triumverate's success.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Game 7 of the 1986 World Series.  It was a game the Mets would win to cement their second (and last) World Series title.

The roster of the 1986 team was the result of shrewd draft choices, key trades, and a top minor league system that helped the Mets rebuild from the abysmal 70s teams, to a perennial contender from 1984-1990.

There are some similarities between the organization in the early 80s and today’s Mets franchise.  A new General Manager has taken over a mediocre club, with a thin farm system and sparse financial breathing room.  Sandy Alderson may not have inherited a team as awful as the one Frank Cashen took over, but it always feels like the 21st-Century Mets are teetering on the edge of a 100-loss season.  Alderson will have to build his Mets similar to how Cashen built the eventual ’86 champions.

Cashen and the Mets made little use of major league free agency.  George Foster was a notable exception, and was largely a disappoinment. (Correction – Foster was also acquired via trade – PJF) The 1986 team was made up mostly of draft choices and trades:

Key Draft Choices:

  • RHP Rick Aguilera
  • 2B Wally Backman
  • OF Lenny Dykstra
  • RHP Dwight Gooden
  • RHP Roger McDowell
  • OF-IF Kevin Mitchell
  • OF Darryl Strawberry
  • OF Mookie Wilson

Key Trades:

  • C Gary Carter
  • 1B Keith Hernandez
  • RHP Ron Darling
  • LHP Sid Fernandez
  • 3B Ray Knight
  • 3B Howard Johnson
  • LHP Bob Ojeda
  • LHP Jesse Orosco

The Mets of the 80s used their draft picks and other minor league prospects as both key members of the big league club, and as chips for trades.  They built their farm system to the point where they could part ways with some prospects (i.e. Hubie Brooks, Calvin Schiraldi, Rick Ownbey) to fill voids on the major league team, because they knew they still had depth in the organization.

That’s the approach Alderson and the 2011-2012 Mets have to emulate.  The farm system is thin on prospects beyond AA (where Harvey, Familia, Wheeler, Mejia, et al, provide hope).  They must develop enough depth to build a solid major league club, while still having the ability to trade prospects for needs that the farm system can’t fill.

Granted, there are young players ready to contribute now.  Lucas Duda, Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, and others.  That’s why, in some ways, this team is reminiscent of an early-80s Mets team.  Let’s say 1982.  Future members of the ’86 Mets were already on their way up through the minors: Gooden, Strawberry, Dykstra.  Some were already beginning to make major league contributions: Wilson, Backman, Orosco.  Two years later, the Mets finished second to the Cubs in the East.

It’s conceivable the Mets could start making noise two years from now, when some of their existing prospects reach the majors, and youngsters on the current major league roster gain experience.  But they have to build the team the right way, like Cashen did in the 80s.  Don’t look for the quick fix – build the organization from the bottom up.  This is the best way to sustain a contending ballclub for many years.


Blog Roundup: 25th Anniversary of the 1986 WS

25 years ago this week, the Mets defeated the Boston Red Sox to win their last World Series title to date.  Some Mets blogs are paying homage to the anniversary.  In other news, while Metsdom is patiently waiting for the announcement of changes to Citi Field’s dimensions (due after the World Series), some details are beginning to leak out.

Blogging the past and present:

  • Mets Police has a Bill Gallo cartoon from after Game 1 of the ’86 World Series.  Hint: the goat of game 1 will be the team’s 3B coach in 2012.
  • ESPN Mets Blog is recapping each ’86 WS game this week.
  • Howard Johnson (Yes, THE Howard Johnson) posted a picture of himself with Kevin Mitchell at the 1986 reunion.  There are also some familiar faces in the background.
  • Metsblog says work has already begun on Citi Field’s outfield wall.
  • Rising Apple thinks the Mets could go after Ryan Doumit to serve as backup catcher.
  • Metstradamus holds the finals of the Hall of Hate contest.  See who the finalists are!

There you have it, the blog roundup for Tuesday.  Check back with Mets Today for more Mets news.