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Now You’re Talking Turkey: Mets Transactions During Thanksgiving Week

In my household, the week before Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of preparation. Since we host the annual family gathering, there is food to be bought, a turkey to stuff, rugs to vacuum, bathrooms to be cleaned, toys to put away and extra chairs to be brought up from the cellar.

For the Mets, this week has also signaled the start of their preparation for the next season. With an eye on ticket sales, several Mets GMs have swung deals during this shortened work week. For most of us fans, the news of these transactions is a welcome change from a long stretch of no news at all. In more recent years, a genuine move means temporary relief from the incessant and preposterous speculation in all corners of the media about rumored trades and/or signings.

In retrospect, perhaps we should have had more patience! Here are a passel of Thanksgiving week deals made by the Mets, a few which may lead to some indigestion.


21 DUPACR: Gary Rajsich

This one is bound to raise some eyebrows, I’m sure.

Why in the world would I commemorate the 21st Day Until Pitchers And Catchers Report with someone who appeared in merely 91 ballgames as a Met, and most of it as a pinch-hitter?

All I can say in my defense is, you had to be there.

Without question, Cleon Jones and Carlos Delgado are better choices for #21 honors. But my memories of Jones are fuzzy, since I was only four years old in his last full season as a Met. And my memories of Delgado are much too clear. Kevin Elster was a candidate, but there was something creepy about him that made me uncomfortable (beyond his admission to sleeping with his bat). Elliott Maddox very nearly made the headline, but how could I honor someone who sued my beloved / behated Shea Stadium? Gerald “Ice” Williams also nearly made it, but it turned out that he was, in fact, Gerald “Ice” Williams.

So the choice was Rajsich — not for what he was, but for what he was supposed to be.


Castro, Church Off the Table

Forget about the ironic pipe dream of platooning Jeff Francoeur with Ryan Church in right field next year — Church has signed a one-year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Additionally, you can drop the possibility of Ramon Castro returning to the Mets to bolster their second-string catching depth, since Castro has re-signed with the White Sox.

In other news, the Mets are not the only team scouting Carlos Delgado this winter. The Blue Jays are keeping tabs as well, so a return to Toronto is a possibility for the hobbling slugger. Since some people claim that Delgado is “not moving well”, his best landing spot may be in the AL where he can DH. But, I don’t remember Delgado EVER “moving well”, even when healthy, so take that scouting report with a grain of salt. I’d prefer to hear from someone who has been watching Delgado for the past three years, and is familiar with the fact his feet move like cinderblocks in oatmeal.

Speaking of former Blue Jays, the latest rumor is that Orlando Hudson is being courted by the Washington Nationals. Those Nats are quietly building what could turn out to be a pesky club. If they add O-Hud and one more veteran starter, they might have enough to jump out of the cellar. Color me concerned.

The last update to report is that Bengie Molina has supposedly lowered his contract demand to two years. Surprisingly, his door is still firm on its hinges, with no one racing to break it down. I’m still looking for the team that’s willing to give him more than one year guaranteed.


Carlos Delgado Delayed

Per Marty Noble’s article on MLB.com, Carlos Delgado’s comeback has been delayed.

Minaya said on Monday that Delgado had not resumed playing and probably wouldn’t until January. Another person reiterated that on Tuesday and added that the delay — and the reason for it — might diminish the Mets’ interest in re-signing the 37-year-old veteran of 15-plus seasons.

Here is why:

No specific reason was given for the delay, but one of the people aware of the change said on Tuesday night that Delgado probably isn’t yet physically ready to play.

I’m not sure whether the Mets were ever truly serious about considering Delgado for 2010 — it smelled similar to Omar Minaya’s “interest” in Pedro Martinez this time last year — but this setback more or less cements the end of Delgado’s career as a Met.

Good thing or bad thing? Or neutral thing? You decide — post your comments.


Where They Are Now: Yusmeiro Petit

yusmeiro-petitRemember Yusmeiro Petit? About 4-5 years ago, he was ranked as highly as #2 among the Mets prospects by Baseball America, who were impressed by his ability to throw 4 pitches over the plate. As a 21-year-old, Petit whipped through AA, posting a 9-3 record and 2.92 ERA for the Binghamton Mets — striking out 130 batters in 118 innings, walking only 18, and holding opposing hitters to a .209 AVG. He was a sure-fire back-end starter at worst, and some believed he’d eventually develop into a #2 or #3.