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Omar Meeting K-Rod Tonight

Jon Heyman says that Omar Minaya will meet with Francisco Rodriguez and his agent Paul Kinzer tonight (Sunday) in Las Vegas.

So far, no one can confirm a sighting, but my guess is they are behind closed doors in Omar’s suite at the Bellagio.

Supposedly, the Mets will offer something in the neighborhood of 3 years / $36M. That sounds fair, but if true, K-Rod may as well return to the Angels for the 3/34 he rejected. After all, he’s comfortable in Anaheim (as well as Los Angeles) and the Angels are a slam-dunk to win the AL West yet again. Many pundits claim Rodriguez can handle the pressure of big games but I’m not convinced he’s New York, big-stage, all-eyes-on-you material.

Strange “quote” from Heyman:

Minaya said they might meet with several closers here, including Brian Fuentes and maybe Trevor Hoffman. However, as one person familiar with the Mets’ thinking said, “If Rodriguez takes the first offer, then that’s it, he’s the guy.”

Hmm … if K-Rod takes the offer, then he’s the guy, huh? What a scoop! I thought for sure the Mets would then go for Hoffman and make Rodriguez the setup man.