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A Look into the Future: Top Shortstop Prospects

The ground is full of dirty,

dirt that is full of memories.

Do you know how many played on this dirt before?

Ordonez, Olerud, Bordick, etc…

Maybe one day I can play on the dirt.

I’ve heard it’s softer than a mattress.

Short poems can explain a lot. If this poorly constructed poem did not inform you of what the article will be about, it is about the New York Mets infield prospects.

Before I try to convince you that these few will wear the blue and orange in the coming years, let me advise you, I am no expert. I do not hold a degree in predicting where and how a prospects career will play out. Maybe player X becomes the next big shot (cough … Nelson Cruz). Maybe player Y becomes a huge bust (cough … Fernando Martinez). But as fans, we love reading about the future. We hope that these teenagers and young adults can bring us something to be proud about.

For now, let’s focus on the left side of the infield. If you think back 3 years ago, you’d be sold that David Wright and Jose Reyes would be the face of the franchise for 10 years to come. Now to the present, David Wright is constantly being rumored around the trading market and as of right now, Jose Reyes is a free agent.

Ruben Tejada is nice shortstop who could blossom into an okay hitter, but he’s not Jose Reyes. Quite frankly, I do not think there will be another Jose Reyes in baseball, in the sense of what he brings to the plate each time he steps up. As it looks right now, the Mets answer might not be in their farm system to replace Jose Reyes. Sure Ruben Tejada could fit, but fans will just complain about his production. Hopefully I am wrong, but here’s my best shot at providing some insight on the shortstops of the future.


Reviewing the Mets Draft

The baseball draft is a confusing one. A team really doesn’t know what they’ll get until midnight on August 15th. Crazy, right? While the system needs to be fixed, as it’s unfair to the college coaches and to the professional teams, as a Mets fan, I am ecstatic about the 2011 draft success.

At midnight, the Mets bagged some of the more important picks in their draft. Brandon Nimmo, the team’s first-round selection, signed well over slot for $2.1 million. In addition, the Mets signed every pick up to the 12th round, including 5 high school players.

Instead of repeating what everyone else says, I’ll give you some sleepers to put you to bed tonight.