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Mets Hall of Fame: The Roberto Alomar Wing

The inaugural inductee.

It’s a little-known fact that the Mets have a special wing of their team hall of fame.  It’s reserved for players who meet the following criteria:

A player who puts up awesome numbers every year until the exact moment he puts on a Mets uniform.

It’s called the Roberto Alomar Wing of the Mets Hall of Fame.  It’s not for every bad trade or free-agent signing.  It’s not for a player the Mets acquired who was obviously past his prime.  It’s only for the most dramatic examples of a player whose career takes a nose dive as soon as he dons a Mets jersey.

The committee in charge of the Roberto Alomar Wing of the Mets Hall of Fame will keep a close eye on Jason Bay this year.  He’s virtually a lock as it is, but if he happens to pull off a miracle season, the committee might change its mind.  It will be one of the more intriguing storylines of 2012.

With that said, here are the current members of the Roberto Alomar Wing of the Mets Hall of Fame.

Roberto Alomar – The inaugural member.  Alomar was well on his way to a hall of fame career (he would eventually be inducted into Cooperstown in 2011) when he came to the Mets in 2002.  He had hit over .300 9 out of his 14 seasons in the majors up until that point.  The only time he finished the season with a batting average under .280 was in his rookie season, when he batted .266.  In 2001, he hit .336 with 20 HRs, 100 RBIs, and a career-high .956 OPS.

Then he became a Met.


Spilled Milk Part 2: Missed Trades Since 1986

We’re back after a brief interruption on our look at deals the Mets didn’t make and what those deals could have meant to the franchise if they had actually been consummated. This week, we’ll take a look at some near misses in the modern era, which for our purposes span the last 25 years of Mets History, beginning in 1986. Speaking of that magical year…


Will Roberto Alomar Get Into the Hall of Fame?

roberto-alomarToday we will find out what players have been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and among the candidates is former Met Roberto Alomar.

Many consider Alomar to be the very best defensive second baseman in baseball history. That alone should get him into the HOF, but he also has offensive stats to support the argument. He finished his 17-year All-Star career with 2724 hits and an exact .300 average, as well as a .374 OBP and .814 OPS — pretty damn good numbers for any second baseman, but particularly impressive for one with his prowess in the field. He was an All-Star a dozen times and won 10 Gold Gloves. He should be a shoo-in for the Hall. But, he may not make it in this year.


Roberto Alomar has AIDS

Former New York Met second baseman Roberto Alomar reportedly had unprotected sex with his girlfriend, while knowing that he had AIDS.

According to a lawsuit filed by former girlfriend Illya Dall, Alomar was diagnosed HIV positive in January 2006, after being badgered for months to do a test. Alomar had been suffering with chronic fatigue, shingles, persistent cough, and other ailments.

Alomar was to be joining the Toronto Blue Jays spring training staff as a special instructor; no word yet on whether he will follow through with that plan.

As you may remember, Alomar went from nearly winning the AL MVP for the Indians in 2001 to a shell of himself in 2002 with the Mets. His performance was nowhere near the level of the previous season, and he played with a scared, tired, and weak approach, before his career ended abruptly in 2004. How his entire all-around game could diminish so drastically was a mysterious question in 2002-2003, and many theories evolved to explain. It could have simply been a matter of his advanced age. Perhaps he had been on some kind of PEDs before coming to NYC. Maybe NYC scared him. At least one of his confidants admitted that he played through a badly herniated disk and other health issues. Now there is yet another possible explanation — perhaps, when he joined the Mets, the disease was beginning to ravage his body.

There are more gory details at The Daily News, but they’re not for the faint of heart. And for what it’s worth, his father Sandy claims he knows nothing about his son having AIDS.

If the allegations are true, Al Hirschbeck might be thinking of filing a lawsuit of his own to file.

The conspiracy theorist in me says someone from the Scott Boras camp made sure this story got “out” as means of diversion, to get the spotlight off Alex Rodriguez’s admission to taking steroids. More likely, it’s “just a weird month for baseball”, as Deadspin says.