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Happy Birthday Rickey Henderson

It’s somewhat ironic that someone who was always stealing things was born on a day that’s all about giving, but Rickey Henderson was born on this day, December 25, 1958. Happy Birthday, Rickey!

Other former Mets celebrating their birthday today include Ruben Gotay, Jack Hamilton, Al Jackson, Dennis Musgraves, and Orange, NJ native Tom O’Malley. Best birthday wishes to them, and Happy Holidays to you!


Ruben Gotay Back On the Radar

ruben-gotay-metsAnyone remember Ruben Gotay?

He was in the midst of being the Mets’ version of Robinson Cano a few years back, but was curiously hated repressed by then-manager Willie Randolph (and undervalued by Marty Noble). Willie valued defense at second base, but was generous enough to give the iron-gloved Gotay a start whenever Halley’s Comet appeared.

Though the switch-hitting second baseman hit .295 in limited duty in 2007, he didn’t