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Left Field Scoreboard


This is a shot of the out-of-town scoreboard, which hangs over the upper-deck seats in left field. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Here’s a hint: what if YOU were sitting behind that scoreboard?

Citi Field Out of Town Scoreboard

Here’s an up-close shot. This is probably the first and last time you will ever see the New York Mets listed on the out-of-town scoreboard, and on the American League side to boot.

There are some really cool features with the out-of-town scoreboard at Citi Field — for example, the uniform number of the current pitchers are on the left, there are red lights telling you how many outs there are, and green lights on a mini-diamond let you know the runners on. But, there’s one annoying and vital issue with this “state of the art” scoreboard — you don’t know which team is at bat! So, yeah, it’s first and third with one out in the fourth inning, but we don’t know which team has runners on first and third. MAJOR FAIL! Maybe it’s a glitch that will be resolved by Opening Day.