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Rangers Sign Joe Nathan

In case you missed it, the Texas Rangers have signed former Twins closer Joe Nathan to a two-year, $14.5M contract that includes an option for 2014.

Sorry Timo.

Apparently, Nathan was uninterested in the Mets’ generous and complex offer that consisted of an unlimited Metro Card, 10 copies of the Playing for Peanuts Uncensored 3-DVD set, gift certificates to the Shake Shack, 50 bags of popcorn, a poster signed by Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, and an undetermined amount of expired green stamps. But hey, you have to give the Mets’ front office credit for being creative.

With Joe Nathan off the market, I suppose the Mets will set their sights on Matt Capps, Frankie Francisco, and/or Fernando Rodney. Though, none of the three are old enough to know what green stamps are, and that could make the Mets offer appear less valuable.

In other news, former Mets captain of grission Ty Wigginton has been traded by the Colorado Rockies to the Philadelphia Phillies. A nice move for the Phils, who add Wiggy to a bench that already includes free-agent signee Jim Thome. Not too shabby — a solid one-two pinch-hitting punch for the late innings.

Another individual once associated with the Mets — Bobby Valentine — has emerged as the top candidate for the Boston Red Sox open managerial position. I can’t imagine a better fit for both parties.

As for the Mets, they are reportedly kicking the tires on Jack Wilson. Wow. Can you imagine? Talk about trumping all the above-mentioned news. It would be a quite a coup for the Mets if they can find a way to fit Wilson into their payroll … and of course, who would miss Jose Reyes if Jack Wilson were playing shortstop? Cross your fingers, and perhaps Christmas will come early for Mets fans!


Ty Wigginton Signs with Rockies

NBCSports is reporting that Ty Wigginton has reached an agreement on a 2-year deal with the Colorado Rockies.

The former Met will be getting $7.5M over the two years, which includes a 2013 option for $4M.

Wigginton split the year among first base, second base, third base, and DH for the Orioles in 2010, hitting 22 homers and posting a .727 OPS in 154 games. It was only the second time in his career that he played in more than 150 games — the last time was in 2003 with the Mets.

Some may wonder if the Mets would have considered Wigginton as at least a part-time option for second base — he did play the position 40 times in ’10 and has been there 168 times in his career — while also filling in at the outfield and infield corners. For one, the Mets likely wouldn’t have offered Wiggy more than a one-year deal, and, after toiling for some bad teams in Baltimore, Houston, Tampa Bay, and Pittsburgh, playing for a team positioned to win now was probably a consideration for Wigginton. The Rockies may not be a guarantee to make the postseason but they don’t appear to be in rebuilding mode.


Ruben Tejada or Luis Castillo? Pick Your Poison.

Two weeks ago, mostly everyone was singing the praises of Ruben Tejada. He appeared to be holding his own at the plate, while providing the best defense seen at the position in a decade.

Since than, Tejada’s come crashing back down to earth. Overall, in 101 plate appearances, he is hitting .221/.299/.267 (.566 OPS. .255 wOBA.) If Tejada qualified, he would be tied for the worst hitting regular in all of baseball with Cesar Izturis (.569 OPS. .255 wOBA).

This is hardly surprising. Here are some of Tejada’s projections coming into this year, including his MLE from AAA this year:


Should the Mets Trade for Ty Wigginton?

NOTE: this post is written by MetsToday sabermetrician and minor league correspondent Matt Himelfarb. Direct your comments below to Matt.

The Orioles have a plethora of trade candidates this summer, including Ty Wiggington. Mets fans have always had a soft spot for David Wright’s predecessor, who has made a nice little career for himself as a utilityman.

There does not appear to be much room for Wiggington in Flushing. The Mets will have four equally capable outfielders when Carlos Beltran returns, Wright and Ike Davis supplanted in the corner infield positions, and Fernando Tatis and Chris Carter on the bench.

He would, however, likely represent an upgrade at second base going forward. For one, Luis Castillo has