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Mike Francesa Goes Ballistic on Mets

In case you missed it, Mike Francesa gave his opinion on the Mets after they were swept by the Rockies. Francesa doesn’t need me to promote him, so it pains me to do so, but this is absolutely priceless. And couldn’t be more true. He pretty much lets out every thought and emotion that many Mets fans have been holding in for the past few weeks, and poo-poohs every bit of spin being spun by team management.

Hat tip to “Pedro Costa.”


Projecting the Mets’ 2013 Opening Day 25-Man Roster

It has come to that point of the New York Mets season again when the team is completely unbearable to watch, loses most games it plays, shows little to no effort nor desire to win, and acts like the Same Old Mets over and over again. But why should we Mets fans subject ourselves to only wallowing in the current brutal state of the team instead of looking forward to a rosier future?


Mets Game 125: Lineup vs. Rockies

As mentioned in the last recap, I won’t be able to see this game live. So, please post your notes in the comments, and I’ll be doing a recap later this evening.

In the meantime, here are the lineups:

Jordany Valdespin CF
Daniel Murphy 2B
David Wright 3B
Ike Davis 1B
Scott Hairston LF
Mike Baxter RF
Ruben Tejada SS
Josh Thole C
Collin McHugh P

Charlie Blackmon RF
Jonathan Herrera SS
Jordan Pacheco 1B
Carlos Gonzalez LF
Wilin Rosario C
Tyler Colvin CF
Chris Nelson 3B
DJ LeMahieu 2B
Tyler Chatwood P

The Mets lineup is shaken up, as you can see. I understand that Terry Collins is trying to do something different, but I’m not sure I understand positioning two of the colder hitters (Valdespin, Murphy) at the very top of the order and some of the warmer hitters (Baxter, Tejada) further down.

More significantly, I don’t understand how Collins can “reward” Valdespin with a start in center and the leadoff spot after ‘spin has lately been lackadaisical in the field, making mental errors on the bases, and disrespecting umpires. It’s as if those “little things” mean nothing to Collins — which is astounding, considering all the lip service the manager has been spouting about fundamentals, hustle, etc., etc. No wonder Valdespin has yet to mature — the Mets keep rewarding him for misbehavior.

Maybe I’m just a crusty old-schooler but that has nothing to do with the laws of cause and effect, and nor does it have anything to do with Collins’ hypocrisy.

On the bright side it will be interesting to see Collin McHugh make his MLB debut, if for no other reason than he’s new — and don’t we all love shiny new things?