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Boston After Beltran?

Adam Rubin at ESPN-NY is reporting that the Boston Red Sox are “talking internally” about the possibility of obtaining Carlos Beltran.

I wondered if the Red Sox would be interested in Beltran a few weeks ago, but a friend of mine from Boston (and diehard Bosox fan) convinced me that Theo Epstein had enough injury-prone outfielders to worry about. Plus, there is the cost of Beltran — a hefty $18.5M.

It would seem that the Mets would need to eat a significant portion of Beltran’s salary for such a deal to happen. I still think the Mets are better served by keeping him now, but look to make a deal at the July deadline.

Though, it would be ironic to see Beltran go to Boston, and platoon in an outfield corner with Mike Cameron.


Check That: Adrian Gonzalez IS Going to Boston

According to a tweet by Jon Heyman, Adrian Gonzalez and the Boston Red Sox have agreed to terms.

One source close to the situation said that Theo Epstein walked into the meeting room holding a boom box over his head playing “Please Come To Boston” by Dave Loggins, a la John Cusack in “Say Anything”. In response, a teary-eyed Gonzalez broke down and signed the contract. Not a surprise when your name is “Adrian”.


Adrian Gonzalez To Stay In San Diego

The tentative trade of Adrian Gonzalez to the Boston Red Sox has fallen through, and A-Gone will remain with the Padres — for now.

Gonzalez and the Bosox couldn’t agree on a contract extension, with the Gonzalez reportedly looking for something similar to the deal given Mark Teixeira two winters ago.

I can understand A-Gone’s demands, but I wonder if he’ll get that kind of money on the open market next winter. How many teams that will need a first baseman in 2012 can afford a $150M+ contract other than Red Sox? Maybe the Dodgers, if they sour on James Loney? Maybe the Angels? Not to mention the fact that Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are also potential free agents next year — in which case it could be a crowded market.

Though the deal is dead as of right now, there is still a possibility that Gonzalez goes to the Red Sox.

Additionally, the Padres claim that if A-Gone isn’t traded to Boston, they will no longer field offers for him. I’m not sure I buy that, but we’ll see.


Time To Assess the Billy Wagner Trade

It feels like decades ago, but it was only a year and a few months past that the Mets traded Billy Wagner to the Red Sox in return for Chris “The Animal” Carter and a slugging youngster named Eddie Lora.

At the time, the deal appeared to be a salary dump by the Mets, who were eager to rid themselves of the $3.7M owed to Wagner.

Check that; it didn’t just “appear” to be a salary dump — it clearly was.

While the Mets relieved themselves of nearly four million dollars, they also


Adrian Gonzalez May Join Red Sox

According to many sources, the Red Sox and Padres have agreed in principle to a deal sending Adrian Gonzalez to Boston.

The Red Sox have been given a window of time to negotiate a contract extension with Gonzalez, who also will be taking a physical. Both must be successful for the deal to go through.

Rumor has it that Boston will be sending no MLBers to San Diego in return for Gonzalez. They will be sending top prospects Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes, and a player to be named later.

WEEI has a quick rundown on these three minor leaguers.

Assuming the deal is successful, it should help spark considerable activity during the winter meetings next week. In past years, the meetings have been somewhat sluggish because teams were waiting on big-time free agents to sign and other players to move. This year, however, the free agent market has been busy, and impact bats such as Gonzalez and Dan Uggla have already changed teams. As Sir Isaac Newton once observed, a body in motion tends to stay in motion — so we can surmise that there will be a flurry of transactions in Orlando.


F-Mart and Tejada Scratched

In a mysteriously salacious move, both Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada were scratched from the Buffalo Bisons’ Friday night game (hat tip to MacksMets via Twitter).

Could Tejada and F-Mart be on their way to another organization, as part of a post-deadline trade? Or, could they both be on their way to the Mets, to take the place of players on the current 25-man roster who are being sent away?

Hmmm ….

The Mets might be silly enough to try to make a desperation deal, but for whom, I have no idea. Carlos Zambrano? Manny Ramirez? Adam Dunn? Vernon Wells?

Bringing in Manny would make the most sense from the standpoint of selling tickets. Dunn or Ramirez would make the most sense in terms of improving the offense. Zambrano is a frightening thought, even if Oliver Perez is part of the deal. Vernon Wells is similarly scary, considering the length of his deal.

Perhaps it is more likely that the Mets are trading two (or more?) current MLBers and in turn will be replacing them on the roster with Tejada and Martinez. So we’d guess the players would be an infielder and an outfielder. Could some team be interested in Luis Castillo? Or the gritty Alex Cora? If it’s Castillo, the Mets would certainly have to pick up a big chunk of his salary. Maybe Jeff Francoeur is on the move? Or Carlos Beltran?

My guess is Francoeur is most likely on the move, maybe to Boston — a team in need of a corner outfielder and a team that has shown some interest in Francoeur in the past. The Red Sox are also in need of a second sacker, with Dustin Pedroia still on the DL. Jed Lowrie is doing an OK to pretty good job filling in, but you never know — this is the same team that gave Julio Lugo an obscene 4 year/$36M deal. They also had an overvalued appreciation for Cora.

According to reports, the Bosox have worked out Carlos Delgado as a possible fill-in for Kevin Youkilis. That in itself should be enough evidence that the “braintrust” in Boston is not thinking clearly, and ripe for a ridiculous deal.

All of this, of course, is conjecture. The scratches of Tejada and F-Mart may have meant nothing at all. We will soon find out.


Braves, Giants, and Red Sox Acquire Players, Mets Do Not

Just before the trade deadline, the first-place Braves made two separate trades to bring in Kyle Farnsworth, Rick Ankiel, and Wilkin Ramirez.

This is the second go-around in Atlanta for Farnsworth, who was quietly having a spectacular season in Kansas City. He sports a sparkling 2.47 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, and 36 Ks/12 BB in 45 IP. He hasn’t been in the NL since 2005, so in addition to his rediscovered skillset, he may also have the benefit of mystery.

Also coming from the Royals is outfielder Rick Ankiel, whose season has been marred by a leg injury and sporadic playing time. He will be a welcome addition to centerfield for the Braves, who lost patience with a struggling Nate McLouth and now have Melky Cabrera manning the position. It does, however make them a little lefty-heavy and vulnerable to effective LOOGYs (such as the one acquired by the Marlins a few hours ago). The Braves sent Gregor Blanco, Jesse Chavez, and Tim Collins to the Royals.

To further add to their outfield depth, the Braves also acquired Wilkin Ramirez from Detroit for a player to be named later and cash. I don’t know if he will be added to the 25-man roster or assigned to their AAA club. He was hitting .216 in AAA prior to the deal, but was a highly touted prospect before 2010.

In other news, the Giants picked up righthanded reliever Ramon Ramirez from the Red Sox and lefthanded reliever Javier Lopez from the Pirates. They gave up John Bowker for Ramirez and Joe Martinez for Lopez.

Finally, the Red Sox made a corresponding move, acquiring Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the Rangers in return for two players not named Mike LowellRoman Mendez, Chris McGuinness, a player to be named later, and cash.

Meanwhile, the Mets stood pat, having no need for relief pitchers, outfielders, or players whose names don’t fit on the back of a jersey.


Yuniesky Maya in Camp

yuniesky-mayaMy apologies for being negative recently … er, for most of the winter. But the New York Mets have made it very difficult to extract silver linings from the black clouds surrounding the club. It’s simply impossible to get excited about a club that is counting on four starting pitchers returning from major surgeries, has no middle relief to speak of, does not have a legitimate starting catcher, has a power outage at both corner infield positions, will not have their starting centerfielder / cleanup hitter until at least June, and despite all these issues spent most of the offseason trying to dump their second-best hitter.

For once, I’m going to write a POSITIVE post.

Hat tip to Ed Ryan of MetsFever for his reports on Cuban pitcher Yuniesky Maya, who recently defected from his native country and is currently working out in Port St. Lucie the Mets’ facility in the Dominican Republic.

Maya has NOT signed with the Mets — nor any other MLB team — just yet. There was a “source close to the negotiations” that suggested the Red Sox were working on a deal with Maya, but a source perhaps “closer to the negotiations” suggests that the 28-year-old righthander prefers to sign with a club that will give him a shot to pitch in the MLB rotation right away.

Considering that he’s working out in the Mets’ facility, and the Mets are desperate to add healthy arms to their staff, it would seem like a natural fit for the two parties.

Yes, Maya could very well be another Alay Soler. Or, he could be a legitimate back-end MLB starter who can compete every five days and eat up innings. I have never seen the man pitch, but looking at the current array of glass Joes vying for rotation spots, I’m pleased and hopeful to see any warm and healthy body added to the competition. Add in the fact that Maya has an impressive resume, and I’m ecstatic.

It can’t hurt the Mets to bolster their roster with a healthy, competent, veteran pitcher. The only question is whether they can get the deal done. But I’m remaining POSITIVE that they will !!!