The Metssiah Arrives

The wait is over. Michael Conforto makes his MLB debut tonight for the New York Mets. He bats seventh. Considering that John Mayberry, Jr. recently batted CLEANUP, the Metssiah’s arrival was inevitable.

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  1. argonbunnies July 25, 2015 at 12:39 pm
    I think the fans who believe Conforto will be an impact bat now are overly optimistic, and the writers who worry that premature big league exposure will wreck his confidence or otherwise derail his career are overly pessimistic.

    In reality, I expect his 2015 MLB time will be pretty irrelevant. The biggest impact might be a 2015-2016 40-man roster crunch. Also possibly shortening the lifestyle adjustment curve for whenever he gets promoted for good.

  2. Extragooey July 26, 2015 at 12:11 am
    I think so far Comforto has shown us the type of hitter we can expect. Excellent swing, great pitch recognition and tracking, goes to all fields, and doubles power. Pretty much what everyone’s been saying. His final at bat where he has a chance to go 5 for 5 showed me a lot. Will not go out and expand the zone to get that hit. Excellent discipline. Willing to take that walk if the strike isn’t there. I will surprised they shifted on him. Interesting strategy for someone described as having gap to gap power.

    If anyone has a chance to come up and perform at an already high level, it would be Conforto. That’s why he was already described as the most major league ready at the time of the draft. What fans may be overly optimistic is his ceiling. The power numbers, we’ll see where it ends up at.

    This feels like a new team with the new players. Let’s see what they do against Greinke. If I were Collins, I keep the lineup exactly the same.

  3. DaveSchneck July 26, 2015 at 2:45 pm
    Bringing up Conforto was the right move, regardless of how he performs. Either way, the experience will be helpful to both his career, the organization, and the 2015 team. Can he really do any worse that some of the guys Collins has been forced to play? Even if he was an all out disaster, I suspect it would help his career in the long run anyhow.

    I don’t expect him to be a savior, to carry the team, or to be expected to do so. I do expect him to be an upgrade from the Mayberrys and Munos, no disrespect to either, and it is the responsibility of the GM to upgrade the 25 man roster where ever his reasonable can do so. This move cost nothing. Kudos and onward. Hopefully the franchise is right on the cusp of turning the corner. They have never had a better opportunity to do so in the last decade.