Finally A “Real” Game!

Now that’s more like it…Noah Syndergaard throwing strikes, Jeurys Familia slamming the door shut and GKR behind the mike. The Mets blanked the Royals 2-0.

First off, Interleague play sucks! So does opening the season on a Sunday night. Whatever happened to the good ole fashioned kickoff in Cincinnati every year? Sorry to sound like such a curmudgeon, but Sunday’s opener, with all of it’s non-traditional elements, felt like just another exhibition game. Given the fact that the Mets just wrapped up perhaps the least interesting Spring Training since the “ReplaceMets” fiasco in 1995, I never felt that the first game was for real. Tuesday’s game felt more like the turning of a page to me and now the season (and the defense of the NL Pennant), can begin.

If he can stay healthy, Syndergaard could be something very special. In actuality, the game belonged to the Mets after he stranded Alicides Escobar at third after the latter lead off the first inning with a triple. Syndergaard seemingly toyed with the Royals’ lineup for the rest of his outing. Neil Walker, who I think will prove to be a great pickup, provided all the runs “Thor” needed. Not to be overlooked are the performances of Jim Henderson and Addison Reed. It will be interesting to see if those two veterans can provide the bridge to Familia.

On the flip side, I started to feel a tightening in my guts during the middle and late innings as the game tension mounted. I wonder what shape we’ll be in later this season.

A Mets fan since 1971, Dan spent many summer nights of his childhood watching the Mets on WOR Channel Nine, which his Allentown, PA cable company carried. Dan was present at Game 7 of the 1986 World Series and the Todd Pratt Walkoff Game in 1999. He is also the proud owner of two Shea Stadium seats. Professionally, Dan is a Marketing Manager in the Bulk Materials Handling industry. He lives in Bethlehem PA with his wife and son, neither of whom fully get his obsession with the Mets.
  1. Colin April 6, 2016 at 10:22 am
    That was more like it! The Viking continues to bring it.

    Will be in attendance on opening night. Also have tickets for Monday night, which looks to be a bit chilly and perhaps even a little damp. Any MetsToday fans with rain parkas interested in Monday? I have 2 extras. You have to pay face value and buy me a beer.

  2. DaveSchneck April 6, 2016 at 8:06 pm
    The is no better cure for a so-so offense than great pitching. One swing and 2 runs is just great when the staff puts up goose eggs. Hopefully we see many more like this. And, if Henderson can bring that stuff regularly in 2016, the pen will be just fine, thank you.
  3. DaveSchneck April 6, 2016 at 8:08 pm
    I forgot too add, I agree 100% on the Sunday night opener, no thanks.
  4. david April 6, 2016 at 8:55 pm
    Noah looked amazing and at the moment has the best pure ‘stuff’ on the best staff in the league. Whiffing the side after the triple to start the game makes a huge statement.

    Hitting with RISP remains an issue as it was in the spring. I think the answer lies in juxtaposing a few guys in the lineup. DW gets the respect he deserves which is 1 month, at the most, before he gets moved down in the lineup. Mets have too many other guys to hit at the top and need to find Conforto an RBI spot. I expect DW will put his hand up and make the move graciously and with class. Lower expectations for him will benefit the entire team, not just DW.

    Lastly, Duda looks lost. Again. Sure its early but I don’t see him as the long term answer. If Flores actually turns into the next Miggy, great. Otherwise I think our answer lies outside the system (apologies to Dominic Smith who looks ok but we need a Big Bat at 1st base).