Mets Game 106: Loss to Cardinals

Cardinals 12 Mets 7

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse …

Thanks to Iron Mike, the Mets were able to touch the previously untouchable Joel Pineiro for 7 runs on 11 hits in only five frames. Combine that with the fact they had ace Johan Santana on the mound, and you would think this game would be a slam-dunk.

You know how ugly a missed dunk is?

Santana was not his vintage self, but appeared to have pitched just well enough to win. Backed by the offense’s seven-run outburst (two of which he drove in himself), Johan allowed five runs on nine hits in eight innings, and exited with a two-run lead in the hands of fellow Venezuelan Francisco Rodriguez.

However, Frankie shat the bed, giving up back-to-back doubles to Rick Ankiel and Julio Lugo to start the ninth. He struck out pinch-hitter Colby Rasmus, but engaged in a 7-pitch battle royale with the next hitter, Skip Schumaker. Unfortunately for the Mets, Schumaker ended the at-bat with a single to score Lugo and tie up the game. Just like that, Santana had a no-decision and K-Rod his fourth blown save.

The Mets mounted a mild two-out rally in the bottom of the ninth but it petered out when Dan Murphy fanned. The Cards loaded the bases in the top of the tenth and were given the go-ahead run when Sean Green’s first pitch plunked Mark DeRosa. Green’s fifth pitch — an 0-2 slider — was deposited into the seats by Sir Albert Pujols, completing the Cards’ eight-run blitzkrieg over the final three innings.

Green’s HBP scored a runner initially put on base by Pedro Feliciano, so Feliciano was tagged with the loss — his fourth of the year.


To add injury to insult, Luis Castillo slipped on his way down the dugout steps and sprained his ankle after grounding out in the seventh. He’ll likely miss a few games as a result. Shame, considering how well Castillo has been playing of late.

Have to wonder why Brian Stokes threw only one pitch in the tenth. Jerry Manuel chose to play the Matchup Game one day after the bullpen was severely stretched, using Stokes, Feliciano, and Green. What exactly was the plan if the game went 11 or 12 frames? I suppose we would have seen Nelson Figueroa at some point.

K-Rod seemed to be having trouble with his release point, as he left many of his breaking pitches up in the strike zone — he wasn’t “finishing” his pitches, releasing just a hair too early. He threw a season-high 41 pitches, so with Wednesday’s game beginning in the early afternoon, you can forget about his availability. Additionally, Feliciano has thrown 40 pitches over the past 5 days, and 79 over the last 9. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember he’s warming up in the bullpen before coming into these games, so add in another 15-20 pitches at minimum per day.

In all honesty, I felt a slight pang of concern when Manuel pinch-hit for Santana in the bottom of the 8th. I know he was having a rough night, and had thrown 103 pitches, but there was this thought in my head suggesting that the best plan was to leave Johan in there. Naturally, if he was left in and the Mets lost as a result, I’d be raking Manuel over the coals for making such a boneheaded decision. Maybe the problem is that I’ve been trained to expect the worst from this ballclub.

Pujols, who had been “slumping” recently (1 for his last 13 coming into the game), was 4-for-5 with 2 HRs, 3 runs scored, and 5 RBI. Hate to think what might’ve happened if he were on a hot streak.

Next Mets Game

The final game of the series occurs at 12:10 PM on Wednesday afternoon. Jonathan Niese faces Kyle Lohse.

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  1. gary s. August 5, 2009 at 12:48 am
    after watching this pathetic bunch of losers find yet another way to lose a ballgame, i have just one thing to say..ARE U READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???LET’S GO JETS AND GIANTS..somebody turn off the lights at citifield at the end of september when they ripoff the last idiot fan for $13 for a shake and a burger at shake shack.i will be so lonesome in the offseason without being able to take the escalator up to the main level and watch friggin brooklyn dodger videos!!!thank u fred and jeff and omar for a marvelous season.
  2. David W. August 5, 2009 at 1:07 am
    This season is over; fine, I can live with that. Next year will not be good either: the retuning cavalry will be older and more hobbled. Fine, I can live with that too. But what will this pathetic organization do on behalf of 2011? As bad as this team is, the organization is far worse. Worse even than the putrid years of M. Donald Grant. That organization was cheap and small-minded; this organization is incompetent. I find that more painful.
  3. Walnutz15 August 5, 2009 at 8:47 am
    My brother and I went to our final Met game of the year last night….this was not decided before-hand, however — both of us deemed the outcome as reason-enough to stop wasting our time for the rest of the summer, and donate our tickets to the “Fresh-Air Fund” kids.

    I’m just flat-out ‘numb’ to this team. As the 10th inning developed, we just laughed outright in the stands.

    Laughed at Jerry’s ridiculous pitching-changes.

    Laughed at the text messages we received from our friends at home, citing Castillo’s fall down the dugout steps (had to figure another injury would be coming shortly; but the way this one happened was a complete surprise – tripping over his own feet).

    Laughed at Angel Berroa as a “defensive” replacement, due to the injury — and the botched play he made.

    Laughed at Sean Green’s trot to the mound (as we knew the game was over at that point), and even harder when he actually started throwing live pitches.

    And the capper, clearing tears of laughter from our eyes — after the fans who broke out brown paper bags to put over their heads — wore them in unison, post-Pujols Grand Slam.

    This has become a sick and twisted, dark-comedy.

    At least we got to see Pujols put on another show.

    Memo to The Wilpons: Enjoy figuring out what to do for 2010….I can already smell the wood-burning.

  4. Walnutz15 August 5, 2009 at 9:03 am
    P.S. — Nice work, calling that Reyes might be out for the season, way back in May.

    I remember that piece, which flippant posters wanted to label as “irresponsible”…..guess they’re finally waving the white flag.

    The “Mystery” is technically over; but not yet solved.

  5. isuzudude August 5, 2009 at 9:48 am
    Shut down Reyes and Beltran. Call up the kids. Release the dead weight. Call it a season. Tank on purpose to get a better draft ranking. Allow free attendance to appease the fanbase. And, much like how people stop to watch a car wreck or a burning building, showcase and embrace the ineptitude and disaster which is the 2009 season, THE WORST YEAR FOR THE METS, EVER.
  6. Stephen Greene August 5, 2009 at 10:47 am
    Castillo needs a reason to stay home with his wife and new baby. Nice fall in the dugout!
    kind of like the pop fly ball against the Yanks!
  7. Walnutz15 August 5, 2009 at 10:54 am
    LOL — never thought of that, Stephen.

    We had discussed the possibility of him pulling a fast-one to skimp out on the remainder of the schedule — but completely forgot that his wife just gave birth last week.

    There’s a joke for every angle with this squadron.