Blog Roundup: Almost There

Earlier today, word leaked that Bobby Parnell could be used as a spot starter.  Then word leaked he might be the first out of the bullpen in a John Q. Bullpen situation (multiple relievers pitch multiple innings in place of an injured starter).  Then finally, it was leaked, er, reported, that he wouldn’t be used as a starter at all.  So there’s that.

In other news, Opening Day (for the Mets, anyway – there will already have been about 12 Opening Days before then) is Thursday.  Why does it already feel like mid-season?

Anyway, on to the Blogs:

  • MMO says the Parnell-as-a-starter thing seems to be nothing but a wild Martino chase.
  • Faith and Fear notices a Mets marketing sign that celebrates the the two most evil men in Mets front office history.
  • Amazin’ Avenue takes a closer look at Citi Field’s new menu.  Mmmmm, Mr Met Head Cake.
  • FanGraphs reports that Jason Bay may be on a short leash.  Hey Jason, did you like that movie, “Platoon?”
  • Mets Fever relays a report that Johan Santana had a shot for pain after his last start.  Then again, the report was by Andy Martino, so in actuality, he probably just had a shot of tequila.  Or maybe Andy misinterpreted the expression, “shot in the arm.”
  • Paul’s Random Stuff gives us an up-to-date look at Mets baseball cards.  WARNING: Dave Telgheder sighting.

The teams are in the pace lap, the green flag is in hand.  Mets Today says, “Gentleman, start your lineups!”

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  1. Joe April 3, 2012 at 11:21 am
    Parnell was tried as a starter a couple years back. Didn’t work that well. He just pitched three innings in a “start” and he is surely a credible long man.