Mets Game 112: Win Over Marlins

Mets 6 Marlins 1

Fifty games left and the Mets are 14.5 games behind the NL East-leading Washington Nationals, and 9.5 games behind the two Wild Card leaders. Is there enough time to make a run? Can R.A. Dickey pitch at least three times every five days?

Mets Game Notes

R.A. Dickey did his thing – 9 innings, 118 pitches, no walks, 5 hits, 10 strikeouts, one run. A five-hit complete game to win his 15th game of the year, against three losses. The man is amazing.

Remarkably, it took a day game to wake up the offense, led by Andres Torres. Torres was 3-for-3 with a homer, a triple, a walk, three RBI, and two runs scored. Do you ever get the feeling that Torres plays just well enough to string everyone along? He’ll have a great day like this, he’ll have a few more good days, and then he’ll gradually slip from our attention, providing average defense and below-average offense. Though, that’s a pattern followed by several Mets.

The Mets scored three runs off of Josh Johnson, who is no longer Josh Johnson. Good for the Mets, but on the other hand, kind of sad, as a baseball fan, to see Johnson as a mere mortal. It was only a matter of time, in my opinion, as his mechanics always put significant pressure on his arm, particularly during the deceleration phase. Still, as a pure baseball fan, it was enjoyable watching him hit spots and thread needles with 95+ MPH, moving heat. He was a special pitcher for a short time.

The Mets’ top four hitters in the lineup all had batting averages over .300. You wouldn’t guess that, considering their recent offensive output.

Next Mets Game

The Mets host the Braves on Friday night at 7:10 p.m. The pitching matchup is Matt Harvey vs. Pat Maholm.

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  1. DaveSchneck August 10, 2012 at 9:54 am
    Good point about Johnson, he was downright filthy before that latest shoulder injury. Dickey has been just spectacular, and I think the Mets would be in last place without his performace this year. Without counting, it seems like he has come up big many times when the team was teetering, truly playing the role of ace.
  2. Joe August 10, 2012 at 2:10 pm
    “Though, that’s a pattern followed by several Mets.”

    For quite some time. After an early good run, Pagan by some reports (I haven’t kept up really) also has been lackluster. So, the deal there was to get a place setter for the OF plus Ramirez, who at the time looked like a useful chip, at least, worth the risk. He turned out to be lackluster, but at the time, the trade was one several teams would have reasonably made.

    The first paragraph seems to be going thru the motions, though the Mets doesn’t encourage one otherwise.

  3. James August 10, 2012 at 2:19 pm
    The Mets the Mets the Mets
    what can you say
    they take your dreams away
    and play better during the day

    Davis could reach 225
    wright could reach 20 Hrs
    francisco could reach 20 saves
    thole could reach 20 rbis

    what more can you ask from a team
    that regularly steals your dream?
    the opposite of those great olympians
    they are merely, “team dream.”