Quick Thoughts On Wild Card Night

It’s such a pleasure to watch real MLB teams play incredibly important games. The Mets haven’t competed like this in six years.

The Braves were HOSED. That infield fly call — on a ball that was about a hundred feet from the infield — was embarrassing for MLB. Still, the Braves choked when they had opportunities to rise above, and made some terrible physical errors to beat themselves; they didn’t look anything like a Bobby Cox club.

I found myself rooting for the Braves to beat the Cardinals, because, apparently, I hate the Cardinals more than I hate the Braves.

Is it me or is half of Baltimore’s roster former Mets?

By the way, how can you not root for the Orioles? Look at that roster, that lineup, and the turnover of that pitching staff, and explain to me how the heck they’ve gone this far.

Toward that explanation: is Buck Showalter the 2012 version of Bobby Valentine circa 2000?

Speaking of Valentine, he’s available again. Just sayin’.

I wasn’t sad at all to see the Rangers eliminated. They managed to accomplish the most drastic and rapid collapse since the 2008 or 2007 Mets (pick one).

Joe Nathan was looking a lot like Brad Lidge.

Josh Hamilton was a non-entity. Maybe he should have drowned down an energy drink or cup of coffee before the game.

Why can’t Bobby Parnell evolve into Jim Johnson?

The Cardinals, Braves, and Orioles all have backup catchers who could start for the Mets. The Rangers have both a backup and a third-string catcher who could start for the Mets.

Nate McLouth hit rock bottom, and somehow found his way into being the leadoff hitter for a playoff team. Have to wonder how he fell so far, so fast — could it have had something to do with supplements?

Manny Machado‘s RBI single in the ninth on a tough two-strike slider reminded me of a young Derek Jeter.

Your thoughts after the first day of the MLB postseason?

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  1. Tommy2cat October 6, 2012 at 2:55 am
    I concur with practically all of your comments & sentiments. Felt really bad for the Braves. Seems to me, the umpires had the ability to get it right.

    Here’s my take – ball is too far removed from infield, play was out of the ordinary under the circumstances, call was made way, way too late and, ultimately, IF fly rule was invoked to an inapplicable situation. MLB had a 2nd & 3rd opportunity to get it right and balked (pun intended). So, yeah, Braves got really hosed.

    Johnson has twice Parnell’s girth. If Parnell could develop a straight change or obtain more downward movement on his fastball, he could reach the rare echelon of top MLB closers. He certainly mixed his existing repertoire very efficiently this year. The mental part of the game is kicking in for Parnell.

    With a few shrewd moves, we could be next year’s Orioles/A’s.

  2. DaveSchneck October 6, 2012 at 8:43 am
    Can’t say that I share your feelings of sorry for the Braves. Yes, that was a strange call that may have been technically correct based upon the exact writing of the rule, but a fly to left is an infield fly is beyond me. And, for all the Braves’ and Rangers’ efforts, they got to play exactly one more game than the Mets. And, both teams’ fans have something in common with us – brutal ends to back to back seasons. I’d love to see As/Os ALCS.
  3. Joe October 6, 2012 at 12:14 pm
    I didn’t see it but the call from all accounts was lousy but the Braves gave up four unearned runs. They “deserved” to lose though yeah I guess I dislike the Cards more — I realize if the Mets or some other team was involved, less emotionally, I’d support them as gutsy or something, but I’m just tired of them. If it was to some other team, I would straight out not care that the Braves lost. They seem to manage to lose sometime during the playoffs each year anyhow.

    Yes, other than Oakland, how can you not root for the Os? I wanted them to win the East but given how things went, including starting two at home, this is about as good. It is not like they wasted some prime starter. The Yanks would have had to but I wonder just how great CC is anyhow.

    Texas choked big time down to an unearned run and two in the 9th to seal the deal. Seriously. I realize the Mets had back to back choke jobs, but to be TWICE a strike away & then come back and blow it big time a different way? That’s something.

    I know the Nats is a feel good story and all, but I can’t be too enthused about a team that as a Mets fan, year after year, they aggravated me. Giants are like “they are in the playoff? … guess the Reds are my team there.

    If any of those catchers can be got, go for it.

  4. Dan B October 7, 2012 at 9:46 am
    I still feel an one game playoff is too gimmicky. I think it devalues the wild card. Will teams who are out of the division but in the wild card race still make trades?
  5. argonbunnies October 7, 2012 at 5:34 pm
    Dear Braves,


    Dear Chipper,


    -Mets fan who remembers 1998-2001