Ryan Braun Linked to Biogenesis


Remember when Ryan Braun was found “not guilty” of testing positive for PEDs? Of course, “not guilty” isn’t quite the same as “innocent.” And now, Braun is embroiled in the same controversy affecting Gio Gonzalez, Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, and other professional baseball players.

According to documents obtained by Yahoo and ESPN, Braun was included on a list of people who owed money to Anthony Bosch of anti-aging facility Biogenesis. Braun’s camp, of course, denies any wrongdoing — but interestingly, admit to using Bosch’s “consultation” as part of the research for Braun’s appeal last winter. Why a person posing as a doctor — but who wasn’t really a doctor — could be useful to Braun’s case is unknown.

In an interview on XM Radio / MLB, Jayson Stark said that every single person who was on that list was contacted and their information accurately corroborated by ESPN journalists T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish, except for the ballplayers. In other words, every name scribbled in that notebook had been sold “anti-aging” drugs such as HGH.

It’s possible that PEDs were sold to Braun and he never used them. It’s also possible that Braun’s attorneys really did use Bosch as a consultant while building their appeal to Braun’s positive test. And, it’s possible that a stack of $1000 bills are waiting for me in my mailbox. Heck, anything is possible.

Unfortunately for Ryan Braun, it doesn’t necessarily matter what’s possible. It simply doesn’t look good for him.

What’s very possible? That fans in visiting ballparks will continue to heckle Braun with PEDs chants once again in 2013.

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  1. DaveSchneck February 17, 2013 at 6:50 pm
    Braun, A-Rod, and several others on that list have proven to be untruthful. At this time, their word means nothing. These athletes may be above the rest of us, or think they are, on many fronts, but no one can escape a lack of credibility. As such, whomever in MLB is investigating should believe only the evidence, even if it is circumstantial. It’s very interesting that everyone on the list copped to getting PEDs except the professional athletes. What are the odds that the athlete’s stories are legit? As a Met fan, I am rooting for the whole lot of them to face a serious suspension.